July 4th, 2011

Flowers are something I am passionate about, so it makes sense that my first post is all about flowers. And it also kicks off our very first theme: Flowers. Get ready for a flower explosion in the week to come!

And one of my favorite little trips in our neighborhood is to the Chelsea Flower Market. This is the bouquet we made from the flowers we picked up. As soon as we turned the corner into the markets, my four year-old, said, “Oh, Mama, I can smell the flowers”. Sure enough, we were hit with a potpourri of perfumes and a myriad of colors. I love stepping into the fresh coolness of the shops, especially on a sweltering day like yesterday. And there is something so mysterious about leaving with a plain brown paper package concealing such a treasure. The market is between 6th and 7th Avenues and 28th Street and you can get everything from fresh flowers, to plants, to all sorts of florist’s supplies. In fact, this is where most of the city’s florists get at least some of their flowers.

I took these photos at G. Page.

Then we pushed on a bit further up 6th Ave. to 38th street, (and I do mean pushed, as I had the double stroller in tow) to my fave ribbons and notions shop, the historic M&J Trimmings, for the ribbons around our vase. This place has a staggering range of over one million products: ribbons, buttons, trimmings, and every imaginable notion. They also have an online store.
Helpful hint: If you too want to wrap ribbon around your vase, it helps to stick it down with glue dots to keep from sliding And don’t forget to buy that green foamy stuff so your flowers stay put.



July 4th, 2011


Since we are launching on the July 4th weekend, I just had to show you these beautiful rural inspired fashions from Oilily, one of my all-time favorite brands. These unisex overalls are just so adorable-almost as adorable as the boy or girl with the literal carrot top-I can’t get over that photo-too funny. And the cuter than cute farm girl in the blue gingham dress with her cutout goose. Trust Oilily to come up with something that quirky. The good news is that they are both on sale at 50% off at the official Oilily website.

Welcome to Bellissima Kids!

July 3rd, 2011

Hi, I’m Jeanne Omlor (see about) and I and my savvy international Mom team are so happy to be able to launch on this July 4th weekend. Please join us on our journey of exploring New York and other places with my little ones, and all the latest kid-friendly products, travel and cultural stories, hot tips, design items, coolest new fashion finds, decor and craft projects, favourite recipes, book reviews, Beautiful Spaces, giveaways and much more.
We are very excited you are with us and we hope you enjoy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you do!

And a big thanks to Bob Thompson, my talented programmer for making it all happen on time.