“Inside The Parsons Studio” Childrenswear Faculty

February 28th, 2013

 This is a guest post from talented senior student, Talia Handler of Parsons. Thanks so much for letting us into your world!

Many people have heard of Parsons, The New School for Design from Project Runway, other people have heard of it from being voted as the top fashion design school in the US, but what most people don’t know about Parsons is that they offer their students the opportunity to focus in childrenswear.  The group of students that I attend class with are all some of the most creative and motivated people I have ever met.  We all chose to design for children because of how much more freedom you have with designing for little kids!  We can use color and texture and pattern and prints and mix it all together without  the constraints that come with designing for adults.



We have two dedicated professors who guide us through designing our senior collections.  We spend class time (12 studio hours a week) sewing and pattern making and fitting our designs on fit models. Everyone has the opportunity to take other studio classes as well, such as zero-waste garment, millenary, shoe design, and hand or machine knitting.  With our building being located right in the garment district of NYC, we are seconds away from fabric and trim stores, as well as many design houses.  We have so many wonderful opportunities, and we all develop our own personal style throughout our 4 years at Parsons.



Professor Francesca Sammaritano (right) with former Earnshaw’s editor Caletha Crawford 


Drawings by Julia Passafiume

 Francesca fitting on model Ava

Jonathon Iovine and Diana Woodside hard at work

 Some beading I am working on

Drawing by Jonathon Iovine

Drawing by Evelyn Tao

4 Responses to ““Inside The Parsons Studio” Childrenswear Faculty”

  1. Anika says:

    Fond memories!

  2. I can imagine Anika. Especially since you won the best designer award!

  3. Aria says:

    How cute! I really didn’t know Parsons had a childrenswear faculty! Have you shared more about it? I couldn’t find! I’ve started working for a brand called Amélie (instagram.com/oficialamelie ) and now I’m in love with childrenswear. Thanks for sharing. Xo