H&M Conscious Collection Spring/Summer 2013-Kids/Tweens

March 23rd, 2013


I’m pretty excited about H&M’s new Conscious Collection for kids and tweens. Not only because the clothes are colorful, fresh, fun and affordable (Love the horse print on the dress above!), but because H&M has made big moves towards sustainability and are now the world’s largest user of organic cotton. You have to congratulate a global leader in garment production for an initiative like that. So, here it is: Congratulations H&M for this mighty effort!



You also might have seen the ads with Vanessa Paradis for the women’s line:  Conscious Exclusive, a party wear collection that nods to old Hollywood glamour that is made from 100 percent recycled polyester. Here is the commercial with Vanessa and a bit of behind-the-scenes footage.

And besides the Conscious Exclusive collection, H&M has just released its Sustainability Report 2012. One of the highlights is that the company has become the first global retailer to give customers the opportunity to return old clothes from any brand, as long as they are reusable, to its stores. Very cool!


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Telluride Mini-Guide

January 5th, 2013

This is a guest post from Talia Handler, senior student in Childrenswear at Parsons, The New School in NYC.


Living in New York City, life can get very hectic. Something I have looked forward to for the last three years is my family trip to Telluride, Colorado in the winter. Telluride is a beautiful escape, and a great city for a family who loves the outdoors and breathtaking scenery. Telluride is a small and secluded town tucked in the mountains of Colorado.



The most popular activity Telluride has to offer is skiing and snowboarding on their endless mountains. They offer lessons for every age, and have mountains that are compatible with any skill level.



Telluride has one of the longest ski lifts in America, taking ten minutes to transport you to the top of a few of the slopes. The views on the ride make it worth every minute.



Telluride is a child friendly town, and great for families. Most of the kids go down the slopes faster than the adults! And for the kids who aren’t interested in outdoors activities, you can take them down the main street in town through the local shops, many of which offer eco-friendly clothing for all ages and allergy sensitive food choices, making it easy to dine as a family.



Another choice for those who are not into heights would be to take a knitting lesson at the local yarn store, Needle Rock Fiberarts, where all the yarns are natural and hand dyed. The store even has a children’s section in the back, offering delicate yarn choices and instructions on how to knit a mini sweater or stuffed owl.



Above all, Telluride is a great town for a family vacation, with something for everyone to take part in. If not for the skiing, go for the beautiful views of the Colorado mountains.




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DIY: Advent Calendar – Free Printables

December 5th, 2012

What a lovely and original Advent calendar from French designer, Zü. She has very generously shared the printable forms so that you can download and create this free advent calendar yourself. All you need is a printer, some paper and scissors and string. Instructions in French and English here, with of course, the printables.

Zü also has an online shop with her lovely creations such as vintage cloud cushions, sweet raindrops below and wonderful vintage posters. Take a look here.

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Happy Thanksgiving! & Thanksgiving Centerpieces

November 21st, 2012


Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are celebrating! Here are some great, rustic Thanksgiving Centerpieces. Some of them might inspire you,  just in case you were still looking – some of them could be put together in a pinch. The one below near the lake really has me dreaming.

xox, jeanne





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Hansel from Basel Kids

November 16th, 2012

These ultra-colorful and creative socks, leggings and accessories from LA based company, Hansel From Basel, are calling me today. I am always looking for fun accessories to blast the winter blues, especially socks, for the kiddos. They also have mood-lifting accessories for the big kids. I especially like their wild stockings. Check out their arty blog as well.






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Patrick Dougherty & Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden at Springfield Mass. Museum

November 9th, 2012


I am a huge fan of Patrick Dougherty’s work as you might have known from this previous post. So, I imagine my joy when I realized he has an exhibition called Room by Room at the Springfield Massachusetts Museum and that we could swing by on our way back from Cape Cod (see our trip here)…which is what we did. I am trying here to give you a really good idea of the structure and beauty of this piece – it is hard to capture. The girls had a ball playing in this ultimate cubby house.

And I was just informed by Patrick’s peeps that Bending Sticks, the documentary film about Patrick Dougherty and his sculptures, will have its World Premier at the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC on December 2nd, 2012 at 4PM.  Tickets ($12) will be available after Nov 12 by calling the box office 919-560-3030 or at the door on the day.  Film makers, Penelope Maunsell, Kenny Dalsheimer and Patrick will attend and there will be an photo exhibition too. See a trailer here. Wish I could go.




And then there is the is Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden. Just wonderful!




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Fantastic Halloween Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns

October 25th, 2012


What amazing pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns that are devised each year. They seem to get more and more creative. And you still have time to attempt one of these! Here was last year’s selection.


Via & Via

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Buddy Bears in Paris

October 17th, 2012


Has your city been visited by the Buddy Bears yet? Here they are proudly lined up in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Oona wants to make one like this, so she tells me…

Everything started in Berlin in June 2001, when the  ”Buddy Bear Berlin Show“ was launched. The raised arms of the upright Buddy Bears communicated a friendly attitude and optimism. The Buddy Bears were such a great success that the exhibition continued until the end of 2002. At the same time, many companies and private individuals bought Buddy Bears for their home country or hometown, which increasingly turned the Buddy Bears into global ambassadors of Berlin.




And here they are in St. Petersburg…

and in Kitzbühel in Austria (where I worked in a ski lodge in my crazier, younger days)…

and in Cairo, where I also visited.



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Sowearto T-shirts – South Africa

September 26th, 2012




Sowearto is the go-to shop for baby shower gifts and birthday gifts for little Joburgers, Capetonians, and Saffers [South Africans] everywhere. Locals adore the serious portraits of Nelson Mandela as much as they go for the “inside joke” feeling of prints which reference brands found only here, such as Inkomazi milk, Lion matches, and Sunlight dishwashing liquid — all screened onto 100 percent cotton shirts.

Sowearto (pronounced “So-WEAR-Toe) provides a fresh perspective on the “afro chic” style so beloved in South Africa. Unlike an “I ♥ New York” shirt that would be worn mainly by tourists, South African style is being fully embraced by nationals of all backgrounds, as South Africa continues to re-invent itself despite its economic and social difficulties.

Be sure to check out their fashion lines for grown-ups, too here!



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