Desigual Spring 2014 Showing

November 15th, 2013


I went to the Desigual Spring 2014 showing a couple of days ago and I thought I’d share some of the colorful and oh-so-wonderful things they have in store for us – not only for the kids, but for the ladies too. The showing was in a rustic loft in midtown, and exquisitely designed with artistic touches everywhere.

All the pieces will be available at Desigual online and in their stores come February 2014!

And make sure you scroll down to the end to see the gorgeous food prepared by incredible event planner, Man-Lai!
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Fall Clothes for the Brooklyn Mom (and Beyond)

November 13th, 2013

This is a guest post from Donna Duarte, Style Editor for Woman’s Day and author of the wonderful Motherburg blog.

It took me ten years living in New York to finally buy a black fall coat. Coming from a sunshine state I was use to wearing clothes with color and print, happy clothes my co-workers would exclaimed. I would say that now I have a balance wardrobe of neutrals and prints. The solid palette works longer and if you know me you may notice I wear the same things over and over for I just tend to rework my wardrobe with great pieces that have multiple uses. I also like no fuss cuts but with a twist in the design department. Which is why I love the top from Zara with the leather pockets. I’d wear that to work with a leather skirt and jeans on a Saturday morning. I am a sucker for the printed jean, I love that they bring a wardrobe up a notch and find them perfect for moms since they are quite comfortable. The leopard coat is perfect if most of your wardrobe consists of solid-classic pieces for this coat is fun yet chic. I am a believer in the hat and I’m thinking of getting a more dressier version of the baseball hat I wear any chance I get. The navy Baggu tote is perfect for all year round and the gap boot, $100? Finally a well made boot that isn’t $400 plus.
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Cool Mom Picks: Fall Jackets

November 7th, 2013

The Trench: How divine is this jacket? Cropped at the hip, it’s a fresh take on the classic trench. We’re swooning over all the details: the buckles, the trim, the pockets… Just lovely! Grab this beautiful Burberry jacket here.

A few weeks ago, we posted our favourite fall jackets for kids. And guess what? It’s your turn, Moms! We know you’re busy, but you most definitely deserve to treat yourself. Besides, you’ve got to stay warm (and you might as well be stylish, while you’re at it!). Don’t worry; we’ve done most of the hard work and narrowed down our favourite jackets for Fall.
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Tiny Projector For Instagram Photos

August 23rd, 2013


I am so taken with this tiny projector for Instagram Photos called Projecteo. It makes me all nostalgic for the old projectors but this one is tiny and adorable. Those little wheels house a little rolled up film that has nine of your favorite images on them. And you just stick them in and project. How on earth did they come up with this?!

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Cool Mom Picks for Summer

August 1st, 2013
So, I took a little break and now I'm back! We just got back from our great vacation on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard and I'll be posting something about that soon. In the meantime, today it's all about Moms. We love keeping our eye out for cool and gorgeous things – and here's an accumulation of some of most recent, favourite finds. Moms – we know you're busy, but it's important to spoil yourselves once in awhile.

Polaroid Camera: Although kids these days are growing up in the “digital age,” there's still something charming about Polaroid cameras. Luckily for us, it's coming back! This funky Polaroid camera is not only gorgeous, but an excellent tool for documenting those precious moments… forever! Both you and your kids would have an incredible time seeing those moments print out right before their eyes. This can be purchased here.

Oversized Clutch: Sure, diaper bags are practical. But… sometimes you've just got to treat yourself! And measuring 12 inches in length, you can still hold your “must-haves” in this beautiful, oversized, lambskin clutch Mottled, pebbled leather constructs a fold-over clutch from Gorjana! Available here.
Tortoise Accent Lamp: What a gorgeous – and unusual – lamp! The gold accents, the crystal blocks and, of course, the tortoiseshell makes for a beautiful accessory to brighten up (literally) any room. Available here.
50s-Style Dress: ModCloth is the Queen of adorable (and affordable!) dresses, but we absolutely love this one. The synched-waist and sapphire print makes it flattering for just about everyone. You can pick one up here at ModCloth, or browse for more funky, summery dresses.
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Cool Picks for Mother’s Day!

May 3rd, 2013

Here is my ultra-eclectic short list for all kinds of moms! There’s still time for loved ones take your hints about some of this list as Mother’s Day is one week away. Otherwise, you can always keep these in mind for your birthday or just because.

1. Google Glass

Okay, so you have probably heard all about these sci-fi type glasses and frankly, I want a pair even though they scare and amaze me at the same time. Must be the daredevil in me! They do everything from take a picture, google whatever you want and many other commands just by saying them. That tiny bit of glass is actually the screen. At $1500 a pair, I think most of us will want to wait until they are fully launched and more fully developed at a more realistic price. If you must have them now, here they are!



2. Custom Family Portrait

Love these sweet custom portraits by Henry James Paper Goods. He has a conversation with you about the family, you send him photos and explain customary outfits that family members wear and voila!  Check out his Etsy store here.




3. Dirty Little Secrets of Otherwise Perfect Moms

This is a great one for all you Bellissima Moms out there! This book by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile (authors of I’d Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper) is a quick-witted and easy read of real Mom confessions. One thing I read in it that I must say I have been tempted to try myself: “My kids don’t wear pj’s on school nights. They go to bed in their school clothes so I don’t have to fight with them about their outfits in the morning.”  Available here.


4.  Yellow Teapot

I have a thing for teapots, which goes hand in hand with my thing for tea I guess…”My” tabletop series from Dutch design group Jansen+Co. has provided us with this unusual and simple teapot. I could really go for this! Available here!



5. Mother’s Day Petits Fours

If you are in NYC, there is still time for the hubby to go in and nab these perfect little petits fours from Dean & Deluca or if you want some for your Mom, go for it.



6. Aspinal Brook Street Bag

Here’s a luxurious one for all you handbag lovers. I confess. I want this Aspinal of London Brook Street Bag…wouldn’t mind the vintage car either!



7.  Mother’s Day Tissue Paper Flower Card

And last but not least, here’s one for the kids to make for Mom! And the full tutorial is here.



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H&M Conscious Collection Spring/Summer 2013-Kids/Tweens

March 23rd, 2013


I’m pretty excited about H&M’s new Conscious Collection for kids and tweens. Not only because the clothes are colorful, fresh, fun and affordable (Love the horse print on the dress above!), but because H&M has made big moves towards sustainability and are now the world’s largest user of organic cotton. You have to congratulate a global leader in garment production for an initiative like that. So, here it is: Congratulations H&M for this mighty effort!



You also might have seen the ads with Vanessa Paradis for the women’s line:  Conscious Exclusive, a party wear collection that nods to old Hollywood glamour that is made from 100 percent recycled polyester. Here is the commercial with Vanessa and a bit of behind-the-scenes footage.

And besides the Conscious Exclusive collection, H&M has just released its Sustainability Report 2012. One of the highlights is that the company has become the first global retailer to give customers the opportunity to return old clothes from any brand, as long as they are reusable, to its stores. Very cool!


Telluride Mini-Guide

January 5th, 2013

This is a guest post from Talia Handler, senior student in Childrenswear at Parsons, The New School in NYC.


Living in New York City, life can get very hectic. Something I have looked forward to for the last three years is my family trip to Telluride, Colorado in the winter. Telluride is a beautiful escape, and a great city for a family who loves the outdoors and breathtaking scenery. Telluride is a small and secluded town tucked in the mountains of Colorado.



The most popular activity Telluride has to offer is skiing and snowboarding on their endless mountains. They offer lessons for every age, and have mountains that are compatible with any skill level.



Telluride has one of the longest ski lifts in America, taking ten minutes to transport you to the top of a few of the slopes. The views on the ride make it worth every minute.



Telluride is a child friendly town, and great for families. Most of the kids go down the slopes faster than the adults! And for the kids who aren’t interested in outdoors activities, you can take them down the main street in town through the local shops, many of which offer eco-friendly clothing for all ages and allergy sensitive food choices, making it easy to dine as a family.



Another choice for those who are not into heights would be to take a knitting lesson at the local yarn store, Needle Rock Fiberarts, where all the yarns are natural and hand dyed. The store even has a children’s section in the back, offering delicate yarn choices and instructions on how to knit a mini sweater or stuffed owl.



Above all, Telluride is a great town for a family vacation, with something for everyone to take part in. If not for the skiing, go for the beautiful views of the Colorado mountains.




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DIY: Advent Calendar – Free Printables

December 5th, 2012

What a lovely and original Advent calendar from French designer, Zü. She has very generously shared the printable forms so that you can download and create this free advent calendar yourself. All you need is a printer, some paper and scissors and string. Instructions in French and English here, with of course, the printables.

Zü also has an online shop with her lovely creations such as vintage cloud cushions, sweet raindrops below and wonderful vintage posters. Take a look here.

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