Marie-Chantal Autumn Winter 2016

September 12th, 2016



Marie-Chantal Autumn/Winter 2016, shot by photographer, Leva Urenceva, presents a classical and exquisite range in a nymph inhabited forest in the romantic style of previous Marie-Chantal’s shoots.

Inspired by Princess Marie-Chantal and her sisters childhood – magical and fantastic, it features exclusive prints designed in-house in their Notting Hill studio in London.

There are fine Scottish cashmere sweaters for boys, luxurious trademark silk party dresses for girls and delicate Liberty Prints prints are sprinkled throughout.  A palette of pinks, chocolates, winter reds and bursts of  blue add to the allure of this whimsical and nostalgic collection which is a tribute to precious memories from Marie-Chantal’s own childhood with her sisters. The meaning in this range is palpable and sentimental and is very wearable and playable.
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H&M Back to School Collection

August 29th, 2016

Well, I have been resisting posting Back to School stories as I just haven’t wanted to even think about summer ending! But the time has come to face reality and I’m beginning that with this pretty cool H&M Back to School Collection! The video is quite funny and cute and the theme of this collection is clearly a New York City back to school cooler than cool rapper kids delight.

The styles are all comfortable, hip and very wearable as you can tell by all the moves in the video, which is quite a testimony to the ability to play hard in these clothes.

Check out the whole range on the H&M site.










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H&M Studio Collection Kids Debut, AW 2016

August 17th, 2016



H&M Studio Collection, Kids Debut for AW 2016 is an exquisite and very strong start to a new endeavor for H&M! H&M has been producing their Studio Collection for Women and Men for a while and this first collection for Children was inspired by this season’s women’s Studio range. These Studio Collections come out twice a year and are limited edition.

The other inspirations for this kid’s range are folklore, Swedish fairytales and Alice in Wonderland and it all works beautifully. I’m smitten by the romantic blouses, folksy embroidery and romantic and quirky details with a huge dose of fantasy.

The fabrics are rich and textured: velvets with gold embroidery, leathers, cottons, lace… and color palette is white, black, red, blush, grays, muted blues and gold.

I have a feeling you will need to be in there early to get ahold of this collection. Here is the H&M site in your country to keep a look out.









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Playtime New York- 10th Anniversary Show

August 5th, 2016

playtime_9 Thank you to my friend, Jennifer Cattaui – owner of Babesta boutiques for this guest post!

The 10-year anniversary of Playtime trade shows had everyone in a festive mood! The show was bigger than ever and bustling with so many amazing brands—from those that we at Babesta know and love, like Nununu, Mini Rodini, Rylee and Cru, Molo, and Oeuf, to new ones (for us) that had a cool sense of style, like Kid & Kind, Ballon Rouge, and Carbon Soldier. Motoreta’s Ferdinand-themed threads were beautiful and architectural and Little Creative Factory’s Nomad collection was quietly beautiful (and had us remembering fondly their standout Petite Parade show last season).



Milk on the Rocks had a neat tennis theme articulated in their super bright way, while Andorine, that beautiful Portugal based label also gave a nod to tennis with their sporty dresses and visors, this time darkly gorgeous. I always get a giggle with Little Goodall and their adorable animal-details (lions on pockets, or floppy eared rabbit duds!)

With about half of the exhibitors from the states and the other half from every-which-where (high concentrations of stunning Spanish brands, some cool Korean brands, artisanal French labels, amazing Scandis), the show feels diverse and exciting at each turn.


There was even furniture at the show, a la Jenny Walker, who brought to the table a luxe yet versatile crib, bassinet and changing station, designed, sourced and crafted in her home state of Texas out of walnut, leather and beautiful tweed fabrics.



Carbon Soldier

Although we do not carry too many “girly” things in the shop, I drooled at some of the gorgeous dresses and boho-cool ensembles there were – especially from the booths of Louise Misha, and Lulaland, and Rose Pistol Kids always makes a mean button-down. There was a new street collection, Love Me Baby, that collabed with graffiti artist Curtis Kulig, black, white and red with a New York state of mind.





Benita Kids






Little Miss Galia




PAOM – Print All Over Me – a collaboration with artist Jon Burgerman

playtime_papinee Papinee

Papinee’s collection of luxurious stuffed animals were super cool – we wrote about them in Babesta Beat a year or so ago, and are smitten with the brand and the creative team behind it. Frenchy Yummy ripped their color palette from my dreams of a world where everything’s built of Laduree macarons. Yet their layette has some nice graphics that I was loving (and they’ll custom color-combos for you which was cool). I love that I can find everything from little accessories that are super well priced to some uber special pieces that cost a bit more all under the roof of this show. Not separated by price or region, the glue that binds brand to brand is more nuanced than that. Unique, special, personal, thoughtful, artful and inspiring—these are the ingredients to the special sauce here.


French Yummy





From the stats that are in, the show was the biggest to date: 180+ brands, 21% more visitors, and you could feel it. Full disclosure, I do work with the Playtime team on outreach and social, so I am able to experience the show from the inside and the outside, team member and retail store owner (who’s lucky enough to have an awesome buyer who shops the show with just Babesta eyes on).


Kid + Kind


Not only about the clothes, this show is also about the people. The first day ended with Playtime’s traditional signature cocktail hour(s), this year sangria, and some nibbles and convos with industry friends, and the last day began with the Playtime seminar series on social media, featuring some great tips and tricks from HeyMama Co, Jenelle Hamilton PR, Earnshaw’s mag and Little Creative Factory. There was a buzz throughout the 3 days, brands and visitors were at once lively and happy, collaborative and positive, which is the best celebration of Playtime’s decade serving this artful market.


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Tia Cibani Kids Fall 2017 Inspired by Frida Kahlo

July 21st, 2016



I am so in love with my friend Tia Cibani’s Kids Fall 2016 Collection Inspired by Frida Kahlo. And in fact it’s entitled: ‘Art, Garden, Life’ in honour of Frida -and her love of nature in her work and life. Plants and flowers and Aztec motifs and designs were omnipresent in her work and in her garden at Casa Azul.

The very artistic collection was inspired Tia’s equally artistic, Tia Cibani adult line which has been modified to be more fun and kid-like of course! The fabrics are rich, earthy and luxurious with silks and cashmeres along with tweeds, in beautiful deep jewel colors. I love her use of tulle with the heavier fabrics. And Tia has added a boy’s line this season which includes some block knits and unexpected prints.

Tia Cibani Kids will be showing at Playtime New York from July 31st to August 2nd!










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Bandit Kids – Free Spirited, Ethical Clothing from Australia

July 18th, 2016



Bandit Kids hails from Australia and more exactly, from Byron Bay in New South Wales, which is a very beautiful, beachy and historical part of Oz.

And Bandit Kids is a reflection of that area and lifestyle. They love the little ones surfing, running outside, climbing trees, skateboarding, riding bikes, exploring, and enjoying endless pretend play; dress-ups, make-believe, being a wild animal, being a bandit! Through their clothing, they want to encourage what comes naturally to kids: free thinking, imagination, dreaminess, and being impulsive, artistic, quirky, free-spirited.
Every item is carefully handmade. And all the original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed by hand onto their eco-dyed material.

The Bandit Kids goal is to spread a message of peace, love and acceptance. They are part of a new wave of earth, surf and sun loving families who are traveling the world and raising their children among different cultures in the hope that they will learn to see the world as one. ALL KIDS ARE COOL is a term they came up with to represent the heartbeat of the brand…and I agree!

Check here for all their stockists, online and offline!






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Hebe Ethical Kids Fashion for Spring/Summer 2017

July 12th, 2016



Hebe ethical kids fashion for spring/summer 2017 features prints of the animals that are vanishing from our planet.

Founded in Riga. Latvia, all HEBE clothing is produced locally and represents high quality, uniquely designed garments that are offered in a broad range of sizes for boys and girls aged 0 to 12. And they pride themselves on clothes that are such good quality, that they don’t wear out!

Hebe is eco-conscious and uses mostly natural materials such as Oeko–Tex and GOTS certified organic cotton which means that it’s non-toxic. 

This Spring/Summer 2017 collection features prints of creatures that have become rare or endangered – pandas, rhinos, elephants and tigers, maybe to remind us to not let go of these precious animals. A percentage of the profits from this collection will be given to The World Wildlife fund. 

Hebe will be showing at CIFF Kids in Copenhagen in August.

And to see their current summer range, take a look at the Hebe website







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Simply Chickie Organic Baby Clothes

July 6th, 2016



Here is the wonderful brand of Simply Chickie Organic Baby Wear by my pal Gwendolyn Gardner, the founder and designer!

Simply Chickie started in 2005 with just the printed rompers and it has grown since into hats, t-shirts and very recently launched their first women’s line of printed tees and tank tops.

After surviving breast cancer during her pregnancy with her daughter, Gwendolyn cleaned up her entire environment as far as diet, as well as what she was putting on her body and entire environment. She paid attention to labels and discovered that the lovely soft cotton clothing she enjoyed hid a dirty secret: the cotton crop is one of the most polluting crops grown.
As she started making life-altering changes, she also thought about her daughter, Elizabeth every step of the way and other children just like her. She knew for sure she was going to do everything in her power to ensure her little girl was as safe as she could make her. Since baby skin is very porous, she created an organic cotton clothing line for babies.

Simply Chickie was born with the creation of the romper above, which was a poem Gwen wrote when her baby was 6 months old. So sweet.

These make fabulous gifts for baby showers and new moms! Check out her whole range here on the Simply Chickie site.


simply_chickie_3 simply_chickie_6


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Egg by Susan Lazar, Summer 2016

June 13th, 2016



Here’s munchkin in some really cute dresses from the EGG by Susan Lazar Summer 2016 Collection! I love this silver sequined aqua dress. It falls so beautifully with the gathering from the scooped up princess line. And the little zipper down the back is a nice touch.

And the pink slubbed Babydoll dress is so versatile for summer. It can dress up or down and be worn every single day.

Check out the rest of the girl’s range and the super boy’s range here on the Egg website. The great news is they are having a big sale right now, so you can snap these up for a song.









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