Amiki Luxury Nightwear

April 11th, 2016


AMIKI luxury nightwear for kids is only its third year and they have a gorgeous collection for Spring 2016. I am always on the lookout for lovely nightwear as it seems there are very few brands who get it right and well, Amiki is one of those brands.
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Zara Kids, Summer 2016

April 1st, 2016



The Cuteness Level of Zara Kids, Summer 2016 kids’ campaign is an all-time high! Designed for kids between 3 months and 3 years, The Artisan Capsule Collection is adorable, and they have found some super sweet models who do the clothes more than justice. Speaking of which, it’s not easy to find stylish and cute clothes at such a good price point as this with some flair.

Here’s the whole range on the Zara website.
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Aristocrat Kids, Winter 2016

March 30th, 2016



The Aristocrat Kids, Winter 2016 collection entitled, “A Royal Tale” is indeed fit for a queen with the exquisite silks, laces and the fetching pastoral prints. Oona asked me today what an aristocrat is and these designs embody what that used to mean in the golden days of the aristocracy.
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Jesse and James, Spring Summer 2016

March 21st, 2016



The hyper talented British duo are at it again with the Jesse and James Spring Summer 2016  collection. I’ve blogged about this wonderful label a few times but in case you weren’t around, they worked with Vivienne Westwood and have had some of the Fashion Revolution rub off on them in their kidswear creations.

This season, we are treated with their floral and very sweet side for the girl’s collection with their signature interesting and arty cuts and bright red has a pretty huge participation as well as lovely candy colors. For the boys, a palette of baby blues, blacks and tans with the laid back style with arty touches.
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The Small Gatsby – Fashion from Vienna

March 14th, 2016



This underwater fashion shoot from the The Small Gatsby for spring 2016 with this amazing effect and photography by Wanda Kujacz is truly out of this world. 

Shot in Vienna (where I spent some months many moons ago), this watery realm is inhabited Raphael, a ballet student of the Vienna State Opera ballet company together with dance students of Showtime Vienna Sterre.
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Playtime New York Highlights, February 2016

February 17th, 2016



Playtime New York, February 2016 edition just ended and what a great show it was. Childrenswear just keeps getting better and better! There were over 160 brands showing and clearly the very best in the industry come to this show.

I have come up with a very short list of highlights. Of course, I couldn’t cover all of the brands and for that I apologize, but here are some fabulous moments. Read on…



Tia Cibani came in shining in her usual fashion – the former KicoKids designer has kept her strong avant-garde flair with her new eponymous label.

Bonheur du Jour showed some lovely ethno-flair.


Very charming families of dolls from new brand Brownstone Playhouse

Barcelona label, Little Creative Factory brings us their very special modern minimalism in creams and black



Leoca Paris, with bold block knits.


Pure British funk from Raspberry Plum


Noe & Zoe showed their original hand drawn prints on organic cotton


Calibeth was a newcomer to Playtime with their very sophisticated range in greys and black.

playtime_violeta_et_federico More Spanish goodness from Violeta e Federico with earthy tones and boho chic.


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Babaa Organic Knits For Kids and Moms

February 12th, 2016



Babaà Organic Knits for Kids and Moms hail from Spain and were created in 2012 by Marta Bahillo, who studied fashion and textiles in Dublin.

Babaà produces loose cut knits that are comfortable and versatile. Babaà is also a conscious company which is concerned about where the yarns are sourced and how they are produced. All fibres are 100% natural and which wear in well and get better and better with wear.

Each knit is made in Spain out of organic wool: alpaca and marino or of organic cotton. Even the labels are printed without non-toxic ink and the buttons are certified organic. Nothing but respect for the environment with these high quality knits. Take a look at the Babaà website







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A Day in The Countryside – Bonpoint Summer 2016

February 8th, 2016



What an incredibly beautiful collection the A Day in the Countryside, Bonpoint Summer 2016 is! I’m so glad to project myself into summer because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the biggest fan of winter.

This collection is vast and varied and they have captured the essence of the French countryside and all the summer activities and fun and all the outfits needed for each one. The special occasion wear for girls is so sweet and precious, and then there are crisp boating outfits for boys and girls, stylish overalls, colored polka dots with sunshine yellow, cherry motif knits and even some ethnic splashes.

Take a look at Bonpoint to see the whole collection.










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Bobo Choses Unknown Mountain Journey, Winter 2015/16

January 18th, 2016



I know we are mid season and I’m late with this but the Bobo Choses Unknown Mountain Journey, Winter 2015/16 needs another look-in!

And why? Because it features a wonderful rustic, native American theme with pony silhouettes galloping all over many of the styles, feathers, and fishes and birds, and modernized zig-zag fir tree prints. They’ve captured the wild feeling of native Americana in a sweet, nostalgic, yet totally hip and modern way. More Bobo Choses magic.
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