Cucu Lab Italian Design

November 20th, 2015



Cucu Lab Italian design for this Autumn/Winter 2015/16 is their trademark blend of comfortable, avant-garde, Bohemian flair. The colors are browns and blues and muted reds and sweet retro prints with stripes figuring in big this season. Made completely in Italy of fine woolens and cottons.

Cucu Lab also has a women’s range which blends with the kiddies line to keep the mood of this easygoing, easy to wear style.

To view the whole collection, go to the Cucu Lab site!

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Oil and Water Raincoats – Fall/Winter 2015

November 10th, 2015



The girls are crazy about their new raincoats from the Oil & Water Fall/Winter 2015 range. They have worn them rain or shine ever since they arrived! And this label, since it’s inception has been one of my favorite raincoat lines for kids ever.

Oil & Water designs for children sizes 2-14, and are for boys as well as girls. (See below).
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Modern Queen Kids Jewelry

November 4th, 2015



This Modern Queen Kids jewelry story by my favorite kid’s fashion photographer Wanda Kujacz was shot in France at the Chateau de Courances which is owned by my dear and old friends, the De Ganays! (And here’s a little interesting fact: I shot one of my short films on these very grounds!)

Modern Queen Kids kids jewelry hails from Los Angeles and is inspired by their fantasy story of the fairytale Queen and all the children in her kingdom. The Spring/Summer 2015 and Fall/Winter 2015/2016 lines feature a stunning collection of fanciful jewelry, sparkling adventure sticks, crowns and warrior bands. Imagination, nature and story are all key here!

And what is unique about this brand is that every single rock, stone, feather, piece of wood or delightful discovery has been hand curated, painted and sparkled. Every spool of sparkly yarn, cut of soft fabric, and unique textile has been hand gathered from lands far and wide.

The first MODERN QUEEN kids children’s picture book is currently under development. It will tell the captivating and inspiring story of the Modern Queen and the children of her kingdom – featuring stunning Modern Queen kids photography.










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Bellerose Kids – Fall/Winter 2015/16

October 26th, 2015



The Belgian brand, Bellerose Kids – Fall/Winter 2015/16 collection is full of sophisticated and streetwise looks which could very well be worn by adults if they made them a little larger. In fact, they blend very well with the Bellerose collections this season for Men and Women.

Knits play a big part and there are a few shaggy knits in there with a definite 80’s retro vibe going on. And tartans, blazers, puffer jackets and simple prints make this a very easy to wear season which is all about being laid back and comfortably rocking it!
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Liboosha – Crazy Beautiful Bohemian Baby Wear

October 16th, 2015



Liboosha – This crazy Beautiful Bohemian baby wear label is knocking my socks off! The playsuits especially are so adorable. I always loved playsuits for babies. They are for me the quintessential, classic baby item, actually. And this amazing twist and rebirth of the baby suit is exciting.

Inspired by her daughter, Happy, and Bohemian bloodlines, the designer of this exceptional, handmade label set out to create a line of baby girl clothing that was eclectic and extraordinary. And she succeeded in a big way.
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Kid Them All – Cool Pyjamas for Kids

October 14th, 2015



Wow! These Kid Them All pajamas are too cool. This is a new French brand of kid’s pajamas for ages 2-11 and they are knocking the socks off the world of pajamas. These very unique pajamas not only serve as costumes and as vehicles to ignite the imagination and create stories, they are anti-nightmare.  (Well, that’s what they say on their site!)

Kid Them All is a limited series of art on pyjamas by renowned street artists, illustrators and graphic artists. This label breaks all the rules and  their pyjamas often come complete with accessories… and there is a character for all kiddie tastes. And on top of all that, they are comfortable.
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Beau LOves, Autumn/Winter 2015

October 1st, 2015



Beau Loves Autumn/Winter 2015 is a quirky, fun and creative affair.  And spot on for Halloween with a dark and spooky mood with photography by Flannery O’Kafka. As is the style of Beau LOves, this season is lots of blacks, white, with minimal color and a little bit of gold for pizzaz and nods to Batman and Mickey Mouse!

How did the label get this name? Inspired by her fearless, fun-loving little boy, Beau, and the stuff he loves, his personality is stamped over every inch of each collection.

The Beau LOves agenda is to create a quirky collection of gender-neutral clothes (where possible) that are adventurous, fun, stylish yet creative and very importantly all made with LOVE in LONDON. Yep. All of their  products are designed, printed and made in London, England.
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Mixed Kids, Spring/Summer 2016 collection

September 22nd, 2015



Mixed Kids, the Brazilian Kid’s Fashion company was born because Ciccy Halpern asked her mom, Riccy Souza Aranha, owner of well-established Brazilian brand Mixed, to have a kid’s line. The women in this family are very talented and Ciccy’s sister, Carol Porto, designs the line. They follow a big trend locally that is the mother / daughter concept collection.
For Mixed Kids, Spring/Summer 16 collection Mixed Kids was inspired by the Mexican culture. This time around, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico and Mixed Kids’ patron saint is the main reference and brings protection and blessings to all children. Read More

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Red Pepper Handmade Hats (Special Discount)

September 21st, 2015



Red Pepper Hats is a wonderful brand that makes exquisite handmade hats and accessories for children and women. These hats are amazing and I love that they are all so beautifully made and are a mix of modern and very classical.

The creator of these wonderful hats is Nadine Winckers who lives with her husband and three kids on a beautiful lake in Northern Italy. Believe it or not, Nadine used to be an Airline Pilot and decided to give it up and follow her passion of creating beautiful things in the way of hats and accessories. Having lived 10 years in the UK,  she developed an interest in wool hats and attended a millinery school in London while she was there and never looked back!

It’s wonderful that she makes hats for boys as well as girls and unique feather Indian Headdresses. See below.
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