5 Totally Gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles for Little Girls

December 8th, 2014


 Well start with an easy one: Use ribbon to make this flapper headband and if you get the chance do some light waving at the ends, all the better! 
Spotted at Il Mondo di Ingrid.

The Holidays are here and I always think it would be great to actually do something special with the girls’ hair for all the festivities. And they definitely always look put together but the hair could be more amazing! Couldn’t everything? So, I’ve found some pretty gorgeous hairstyles. Some are pretty intricate and others not so. In any case, we can always look at them and dream of doing something this special these holidays for our little girls!
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Diesel Kids Fall/Winter 2014

December 3rd, 2014



Diesel Kids Fall/Winter 2014 is a mix of urban jungle and the essence of rock. Animal and jungle themes collide with noir rock attire and casual glamour as the Diesel Kid FW14 collection equips its kids for life in the Big City!

And look who is featured in this campaign which was shot in New York City…Oona’s little friend Ace, (above), looking cool as a cucumber, I might add!
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Smokks – Effortless Style for Girls and Moms

November 24th, 2014



Okay, so here is the label when you want your girls to look good no matter who dresses them! Smokks was born from a need to have girls be dressed with no fuss and look pretty and be comfortable all at the same time.

And girls go crazy for these girly but easy to wear dresses made mainly from gorgeous Liberty prints. Oona absolutely loves her Winnie Dress (above middle) which we paired with some patched leggings so she can wear it even in this cold weather. Give her a dress with deep pockets that can twirl and has smocking or tucks or some kind of vintage feeling and she’s a happy camper!
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J.Crew Crewcuts Spring 2015

November 21st, 2014



Winter has just started and I am yearning for the Spring already. So, J.Crew Crewcuts Spring 2015 Collection is a breath of fresh air. Filled with a myriad of different blues, and other scrumptious lollipop colors, hearts and polka dots of varying sizes and their recognizable vintage/modern style, this range hits all the right notes.

And so interesting that the kids of some J.Crew staff are featured in this shoot and are also the stars of the adorable video where they are asked their favorite color. See below! To view the rest of this range go to the J. Crew site.

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The Small Gatsby – Voyage Collection

November 18th, 2014




I just discovered this very elegant, luxury brand The Small Gatsby from Vienna which takes its inspiration from the Roaring 20′s.

The girls wear very casual play clothes like most kids do every day, but we do love to have a special outfit here and there. And the 20′s was always a favorite era for me in Fashion. Add the sweet memories of my time living in Vienna and my penchant for F. Scott Fitzgerald and I’m well…completely in love with this label! Their whole philosophy of how they design and create their garments has integrity and poetry.

And with the Holiday Season on our doorstep, I’m always looking for something festive and classy. And I must say that it is always a pleasure to see boys dressed like little gentlemen!

This season they shot at Palais Coburg and believe it or not, it was a kind of last minute arrangement.
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Jessie & James – Winter 2014 Collection

November 11th, 2014


The Jesse & James Winter 2014 range features playful, unique and traditional garments in tartans and checks with a punk inspired mood with their trademark absolutely extraordinary cuts!

I was so excited to discover this British label a while back (see my post on their first season here) and am still enamored of them three years and six seasons later. This dynamic duo (and couple) worked with fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood and you can really tell! James says: “Working in high-fashion with Vivienne Westwood teaches you how to cut and design clothes in an interesting and playful way, so everything that children’s clothes should be.”
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Babes with Babies – Holiday Gift Guide

November 7th, 2014


I want to share this wonderful online shop with you Babes with Babies! First of all, I just love that the name honors the expecting Mom as someone beautiful and that is what this brand is all about. I have compiled just a few of the wonderful luxurious items as they would make amazing Holiday gifts. And I personally own a couple of these items myself and just adore them!

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OILILY – Fall/Winter 2014

November 4th, 2014


The Oilily Winter 2014 collection called: Garden of Eden is about believing. When you believe in something you should not be afraid to show it. Whether you believe in yourself, in the miracles of nature or in saints. Well, that’s poetic.

Ever since it was established in 1963, Oilily has been producing garments that are made with love and an eye for detail. In their Fall/Winter 2014 collection they feature wintry fabrics and textures with a modern twist, enriched with beautiful embroidery and funny details.

You can view the entire range on the Oilily site. (Lucky women in Europe can shop the women’s range!)And if you are in the US, here is the Oilily USA site.
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Feather Drum Debut Collection

October 30th, 2014



I am just so taken with the poetry and whimsy of this new Australian label, Feather Drum, brainchild of Kelly-Lee, a designer who began in the UK, and who has lived in Germany, Italy and now the warmth of Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Australia.  Kelly-Lee has drawn inspiration from her life-long love of French design, her local environment and her natural bohemian style to produce this first range, entitled Dream Seeker.

An eclectic range that evokes the spirit of 70′s Woodstock through flared teepee pants, felt floppy hats, warm earthy colour palette, tie-dye and bespoke prints. Pure wool knits, soft and comfortable jersey, quality cottons and linen are the fine natural fabrics that make up the Dream Seeker Collection, a range which confirms the belief that any dream can come true if you work hard to catch it.
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