Beautiful Childrens Beds from Saartje Prum

August 13th, 2015



I’m so enamored of these beautiful children’s beds from Saartje Prum out of the Netherlands. What I can gather from the site which is in Dutch is that these beds are handmade and they are so charming because they are all like little houses. I would have so loved a bed like one of these when I was a kid.

They also have lovely things like lamps, decals, cushions, wallpapers and all sorts of decor items. Here is their site. 





3 Responses to “Beautiful Childrens Beds from Saartje Prum”

  1. jazer says:

    they are so beautiful

  2. Tom jones says:

    Interested in building this for my 4 year old 🙂

  3. Brandy says:

    Would love to build this for my son.