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Baby Dior, Summer 2015 Collection

July 7th, 2015



Baby Dior Summer 2015 Collection is a burst of color in crisp whites and blues and lollypop pinks and fire engine red. For the girls, the romanticism bursts from every luxury seam and the cuts are simple, classic and some pieces reminiscent of 1940’s movie stars. And the mood is very sophisticated. These little misses have social engagements and serious style business to attend to. For the boys, there is a nice mix of laid back graphic shirts under striking turquoise and toned down grey blazers as only Dior can do.

See the full collection here at Dior.


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Quick and Easy 4th of July Dessert

July 4th, 2015



Since it’s already the 4th of July, I thought this quick and easy 4th of July Dessert might come in handy. And also, it’s super healthy. I love all of those decadent desserts but somehow this year, I’m going lean and mean. This patriotic fruit salad has just three ingredients:  blueberries, watermelon and strawberries. All you do is chop up the strawberries and cut out stars with the watermelon and throw the blueberries in.


Now if you want to go for some of the more amazing 4th of July desserts, check this out.

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Playologie Virtual Fashion Showroom

July 3rd, 2015


If you can’t make it in person to all the trade shows, never fear – Playologie Virtual Fashion Showroom to the rescue!

Nearly one year after its launch, Playologie, the B2B marketplace brought to you by the organizers of the Playtime trade fair, is continuing its rapid progression and is kicking into the next gear.  There are already 100 brands featured and almost 1000 verified buyers. Read on to see how this has all improved!
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4th of July Fresh Flower Crown Tutorial

July 2nd, 2015



Just got this fabulous book and wanted to share this 4th of July, Fresh Flower Crown tutorial with you all. The book is Flower Crowns by Christy Meisner Doramus, and has 30 DIY floral crown creations in it, including this one. And look, she made a crown for actress, Amanda Seyfriend!

Have your little girl show off your patriotic spirit at the beach or barbecue in style with this fresh red, white, and blue flower crown. To create this crown, you will use blue hydrangeas, red ranunculus, and white wax flowers. I hope you enjoy this very detailed tutorial from the book! And if you like this, you can purchase the book right here!
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Decorative Tiles and Kites from Petit Pan

July 1st, 2015



Petit Pan Paris has a fab range of 40 types of decorative tiles for kid’s rooms, fabrics, home decor items, cushions children’s and baby clothes and even kites! Also, a very cute and quirky selection of random items like crazy tea cozy’s. I’m rather enamored of this online shop, I must admit.

The style is a delicious fusion of colorful Asian and French influences which makes you want to spend all day on this site to make sure you don’t miss anything. Oh and don’t forget their sweet wallpapers! And make sure you scroll down to check out the beautiful Chinese kites.
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Edible Sprinkle Bowls For Ice-Cream

June 30th, 2015



What? Edible Sprinkle Bowls for Ice-Cream. Well, I’m always looking for interesting and imaginative ways to serve up ice-cream. The old ice-cream cone is getting a little old, I must say. Of course, the girls are not going to agree with that one as they are completely obsessed with ice-cream cones. But then, what kid isn’t? So, these little dishes made of white chocolate and sprinkles are a fabulous idea, especially for a kid’s birthday. Of course, you can make them with dark chocolate or wait…even mix dark and white. And experiment with other tiny candies mixed in with sprinkles. Actually, the possibilities are endless if you want to experiment and modify. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next year for a Birthday but definitely not waiting that long to experiment with these dessert bowls.
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La Mangerie – Kid Friendly Brunch, Paris

June 29th, 2015



La Mangerie, is a family restaurant in the heart of the Marais, in Paris, which now has a kid friendly brunch! And wanted to share this with you all as the “go-to place” to take the kids if you are traveling to Paris this summer.

It’s been four years now that La Mangerie  has been dishing up portions that are shareable, which is great for group meals. And they are getting better and better.

I used to be in the Marais all the time when I was living there, and they had nothing like this. In fact, it was hard to find a specifically kid-friendly restaurant at all. Well, times are a changing in Vieux Paris.
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Sneak Peek of Playtime New York, August 2015

June 26th, 2015



Playtime New York is just around the corner (August 1st-3rd) and I’m doing something special this time around! I’m giving you a very exclusive sneak peek of some of the top labels and trends that you have to look forward to. We have some new, exciting labels presenting as well as the seasoned labels that we just can’t get enough of. So, whether you are someone who will be attending the show, or just a kid’s fashion fan, here is my fab rundown.

And in case you are wondering what all the fuss is about, Playtime is one of the foremost Childrenswear trade shows and continues to forge ahead in this whole universe of kids fashion (and maternity wear). They have shows in Paris, NYC and Tokyo and have been a huge player and promoter of this international market.
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Preschool in Japan Lets Kids Play in Puddles

June 25th, 2015



This new preschool in Japan understands kids and was designed to accumulate puddles so the kids could play in them indoors! Usually when it rains, kids aren’t allowed to play outside, but the new Dai-ichi Yochien in Kumamoto City is designed to make sure the puddles stay exactly where they are. And yes, the kids play in them. And what better way to foster fun and learning than to let kids be kids and to live out their fantasies of having puddles indoors?!
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