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Our First Tarte Tatin Ever!

November 2nd, 2015



We made our very first Tarte Tatin EVER with our fresh picked apples from our trip to Maskers Orchard! And I’m going to share out Tarte Tatin recipe with you. When I lived in France, Tarte Tatin was one of my very favorite desserts. And well, ours tasted pretty much the same even though it was perfectly neat. I don’t know why I never made one of these before. I guess I always opted for American Apple Pie. This was somehow easier because of no upper crust, so, we’ll be making another one very soon.

Scroll down for recipe!
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Happy Halloween (see our Jack-o-Lantern)!

October 30th, 2015



Happy Halloween to all who celebrate tomorrow! This post is all about our Jack-o-Lantern that we carved today. This year, we decided to treat it how Art Directors would in a creative agency. So, the girls came up with a bunch of ideas and we went through them and decided on the design. For some reason, I couldn’t find the sketches that were the winners but here are some below. We really liked the Vampire Family but it was a little too challenging for my pumpkin carving skills.

And here are some other fabulous Jack-o-Lanterns and Halloween Centerpieces in case you haven’t carved your pumpkin yet!
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Exquisite Wooden Cars by Moulin Roty

October 28th, 2015



These Wooden Cars by French company, Moulin Roty are more than exquisite. I greatly appreciate finely crafted wooden toys, especially when they have a sweet 50’s retro look and feel like these.

And Moulin Roty has a vast array of differently themed collections that have blown me away.

Experience all of this awesome right here on the Moulin Roty website.
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Bellerose Kids – Fall/Winter 2015/16

October 26th, 2015



The Belgian brand, Bellerose Kids – Fall/Winter 2015/16 collection is full of sophisticated and streetwise looks which could very well be worn by adults if they made them a little larger. In fact, they blend very well with the Bellerose collections this season for Men and Women.

Knits play a big part and there are a few shaggy knits in there with a definite 80’s retro vibe going on. And tartans, blazers, puffer jackets and simple prints make this a very easy to wear season which is all about being laid back and comfortably rocking it!
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Vegan and Gluten Free Snickers Bars

October 20th, 2015



I’m in a very sweet tooth mood today so am completed tempted by these Vegan and Gluten Free Snickers Bars. And guess what? They have only 5 ingredients if you count the caramel sauce as one ingredient! In any case, they are completely no-bake which is always much easier as far as I’m concerned.
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Felted Fairy Tree Lamp

October 19th, 2015



I just fell upon these very sweet Felted Fairy Tree Lamps on Etsy. And what can I say? They are super adorable. Made by Inken Gaddass, who is German born felting artist now living in the heart of England.
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Liboosha – Crazy Beautiful Bohemian Baby Wear

October 16th, 2015



Liboosha – This crazy Beautiful Bohemian baby wear label is knocking my socks off! The playsuits especially are so adorable. I always loved playsuits for babies. They are for me the quintessential, classic baby item, actually. And this amazing twist and rebirth of the baby suit is exciting.

Inspired by her daughter, Happy, and Bohemian bloodlines, the designer of this exceptional, handmade label set out to create a line of baby girl clothing that was eclectic and extraordinary. And she succeeded in a big way.
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Kid Them All – Cool Pyjamas for Kids

October 14th, 2015



Wow! These Kid Them All pajamas are too cool. This is a new French brand of kid’s pajamas for ages 2-11 and they are knocking the socks off the world of pajamas. These very unique pajamas not only serve as costumes and as vehicles to ignite the imagination and create stories, they are anti-nightmare.  (Well, that’s what they say on their site!)

Kid Them All is a limited series of art on pyjamas by renowned street artists, illustrators and graphic artists. This label breaks all the rules and  their pyjamas often come complete with accessories… and there is a character for all kiddie tastes. And on top of all that, they are comfortable.
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5 Spooky and Creative Halloween DIY Craft Projects

October 13th, 2015



Halloween is looming and it’s time to start getting sorted out with crafts, costumes, jack-o-lanterns and all the other wonderful and fun stuff associated with Halloween. I thought I’d get an early jump this year (unlike other years) in getting organized with ideas. That’s where these 5 Spooky and Creative DIY Halloween Craft Projects come in. That way you have plenty of time to gather materials and be all set for Halloween. And please share any wonderful Halloween related crafts, desserts or costume ideas in the comments!
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