Casa Bubble – Transparent Bubble Tents

April 7th, 2014




Wow! Spring is here and what a fantastic tent to go camping in. The Company, CasaBubble, was born from the meeting of two french designers :Frédéric Richard and Pierre-Stéphane Dumas. Both very concerned by the future of our planet, aesthetic and design and preserving energy.  The bubbles are designed by Pierre-Stéphane, who knew how to combine his sense of aesthetic and technology to give rise to these atypical spheres, the bubble houses. A maximum of pleasure, for a minimum of material and energy needed.
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MYK – Pompom Chairs and Soft Furnishings

April 4th, 2014




That’s it! I just love these pompom creations by German brand MYK.  These huge gorgeous pure wool pompoms are just delicious. The poodle below is priceless!

MYK’s designer Myra Klose is inspired by fashion, art, and interior design to make these soft sculptures and cosy furniture. All objects are meticulously handcrafted in Germany, and each one is unique.

Take a look at all the marvelous objects on the MYK website.
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Pierrot La Lune – Spring/Summer 2014

April 4th, 2014




What a dreamy and beautiful label, Pierrot la Lune is. It takes me back to lazy European summers in the countryside. This Danish label was established only last year by designer Emilie Ventujol as the realization of a lifelong dream of creating timeless and sophisticated yet playful and informal children swear.

The Pierrot la Lune look has a touch of nostalgia; a dreamy and magical aesthetic with a nod to old movies from a retro childhood in southern Europe. The cuts are simple and wearable, the colours are subdued, and the classic stripes and beautiful floral prints bare resemblance of faded wallpapers or quilts from grandma’s attic.
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Snurk Bedding for Kids

April 2nd, 2014



I was searching for some princess bedding and look what I found! The most original and fun princess bedding ever! Dutch brand, Snurk has really come up with some fun and completely original kids bedding here.  I’m also liking the pool one a lot as it’s so amazing to imagine you are actually in water. And they clearly have a sense of humor with their “Homeless Person” set at the bottom. Check out the whole range and some original and equally quirky cushions on the Snurk website.

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Bang Bang Copenhagen – Spring/Summer 2014

April 1st, 2014


What a completely adorable collection Bang Bang Copenhagen Spring/ Summer 2014 is. Absolutely one of my favorite Scandi brands! The denim dress above particularly caught my eye with its cat collar and pleated sleeves. And the rest of the collection is heavy with playful black and white, bold color blocks and fun and funky touches. Check the whole collection out on the Bang Bang Copenhagen website!
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The Wheel of Life, Zoetrope – The Makerie Studio

March 28th, 2014


This is an incredibly enchanting  video (below) for the Makerie Studio’s New York launch. After years of experience perfecting paper craft, The Makerie Studio teamed up with Director André Gidoin to magically bring one of these worlds to life, by creating and filming a hand made paper Zoetrope. Filmed and edited over two weekends in New York.

A zoetrope is a device that produces the illusion of motion from a rapid succession of static pictures. Often referred to as the Wheel Of Life, they were inspired to tell the story of one zoetrope in particular, that one night came to life. The horses on the carousel are spaced to spin in sync with the camera’s frame rate to create the illusion of motion. Each horse is carefully studied to follow the one before it, so that once at speed they appear to be galloping.

The zoetrope was filmed surrounded by a multitude of smaller carousels, all hand made by the Makerie. Also, make sure you visit The Makerie Studio website. They have unbelievably beautiful and exquisite paper art – both astounding and inspiring.

Paper Art and Set Design by The Makerie Studio

Directed and Edited by André Gidoin

“Perpetuum” Written, Arranged and Performed by Marcus Loeber.

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Soft Gallery – Spring/Summer 2014

March 27th, 2014




Soft Gallery Spring Summer 2014 really resonates with me. This collection is called “Nostalgia” and really captures moments and feelings from our childhoods and creates memories for our kids – The romance of retro flower prints, pretty butterflies, creatures and popsicles.

This original and creative Danish label creates clothing for kids and women, with beautiful prints and handmade embroideries and simple and artful pattern cutting which lets kids move freely. All of their collections are made in collaboration with artists, which make every piece of clothing a real pearl. Every collection has a theme and beautiful color palette which goes with the season.

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Mirajean Designs – Kid’s-Art Inspired Decor

March 26th, 2014



What a cool idea! Mirajean Designs create custom-order and one-of-a-kind gifts, children’s fashions and decor, that celebrate children’s artwork. How? Because they take your kids’ paintings and print them and make pillows and other lovely things out of them! I would LOVE  a sheet for Oona with her art all over it.

All fabrics are custom printed in the USA using eco-friendly inks.To check out their decorative pillows, table linens, baby blankets, girl’s sundresses and more, go to the Mirajean Designs website.
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Millions of Colors – Spring/Summer 2014

March 25th, 2014



What a cute and girly collection Millions of Colors has in store for us this Spring/Summer! Lots of stars, stripes, and big polka dots teamed with reds, whites, blues and shades of gray. Love the little rosettes on the shorts below. To see the whole range, go to Millions of Colors website.
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