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Love Kidswear, Summer 2016

May 23rd, 2016



LOVE kidswear, Summer 2016 continues this fairly new collection of stylish casual children’s clothing for boys and girls between the ages of 0 and 12 years. Established in Munich in 2015, by fashion designer Franziska Bergmiller, LOVE kidswear is unique, modern clothing made from sustainable materials using ethical labor practices.

I’m liking the high quality cottons, desaturated colors and crisp, fresh styles.

Franziska formerly worked at Vivienne Westwood in London designing several “Red Label” collections for the Japanese market. Becoming a mother inspired her to create clothing that allows kids the freedom to move and parents a selection of well-designed quality clothing for their little ones.

LOVE kidswear is made in Germany and all T-shirts and onesies are made from certified Organic cotton. All prints are hand-made with non-toxic, fade-resistant and washable dyes. Each piece of LOVE kidswear is unique and made-to-order.

You can purchase them right from the LOVE website!







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5 Great House Crafts to Do With Kids

May 18th, 2016



We found these 5 Great House Crafts to Do With Kids when we were looking for something to make with our accumulation of cardboard boxes! We’ve been making a big cubby house with boxes but we thought it would be nice to make some miniature ones and also towns and villages out of cardboard.

We are definitely going to make one like the one below and maybe even attempt the one above! Quite and undertaking but we’ll see what we can do. And the house collages with newspaper are so simple and effective. Got to try those too…

Which is your favorite idea?








house_craft Via



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Raptor Series – A designer creates scientifically accurate dinosaur toys

May 16th, 2016


Raptor Series – A designer creates scientifically accurate dinosaur toys that aim to re-educate us on what they really looked like.

This is for my daughters who are completely fascinated by the Tyrannosaurus Rex ever since they saw Fantasia! And of course for other girls and boys who are into dinosaurs…and well for the big kids too!

We have known for a while now that dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptors did not look at all like what we thought, and even sported feathers!

The collective imagination rules, especially because of the many representations we have been inundated with, from the Jurassic Park movies for example. To counter this, New Jersey designer David Silva, an art toys and action figures specialist, decided to create Beasts of the Mesozoic, finally, scientifically accurate dinosaur toys, with his first series dedicated to the Raptors.


The one-sixth scale raptor series includes three species: velociraptor, atrociraptor, and tsaagan. Each action figure has 26 points of articulation and can move based on the most recent scientific discoveries.

Silva said he started this project after he realised how unimpressive current dinosaur toys were. He wanted to send a message to manufacturers, and he plans to do it with science!

“So this is your chance to send a clear message to the toy industry that collector dinosaur toys need to improve,” he said. “It’s time to see that these extraordinary creatures are represented as well designed and detailed action figures.”

As of now, the toys’ Kickstarter campaign has raised more than $175,000, surpassing its $125,000 goal. You can support the Beasts of the Mesozoic here.




Beasts-of-the-Mesozoic Beasts-of-the-Mesozoic_4


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Dolce & Gabbana Kids Summer 2016

May 11th, 2016



Well, Dolce & Gabbana Kids Summer 2016 is another strong statement for this label. We have the omnipresent red flowers as well as a retro look this season with wonderful 50’s inspired printed dresses for girls and yes, the babies too. Also, some mod inspired dresses for the girls. Lots of sweet fruit prints and daisies play a starring role this season too. Very unusual pairing of striped tops with floral/fruity skirts.

For the boys, I’m liking the new twist on graphic tees featuring birds and their owners. And what can be said about the circus-like heavily printed outfits? Only Dolce & Gabbana can pull that one off.
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Tide Pool Craft

May 6th, 2016



We have been seeing this great Tide Pool craft all over the place and decided to try it out today! This a very simple craft which is quite sweet and is suitable for preschoolers up to any age.

This is what you need:

Directions for Tide Pool Art

1. Use a blue crayon or oil pastel to draw the shape of your tide pool on the watercolor paper. Then cut around your shape.
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Precious Wood Cradle by Pruun

May 2nd, 2016


More and more, I’m into timeless and simple design and this precious wood cradle by Pruun called Ground made me dream of having another baby to put in it! It’s made of elm wood from The Netherlands and is handmade with craftsmanship in Oss and it’s just the purest of pure forms.

This is the Pruun philosophy and poetry:

A room with just … a table, desk, wall altar.

And a cradle, offering a sheltered place, within
your aura, in which to lay the baby after carrying.
Ground draws attention to the unique needs of a newborn child. The crib symbolises new life. It represents the closeness with the mother – the father. The first few weeks, the first months.
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Zoobug Adorable Sunglasses For Kids

April 28th, 2016



Summer is almost here so it’s time to get into the latest Zoobug adorable sunglasses for kids. These are some of the nicest sunglasses for kids on the market. I featured this brand on the girls right here, quite a while ago (wow, the girls were so small then) and this brand just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

This award-winning eyewear has been developed by eye surgeon Dr Julie Diem Le especially for children 0-12 years. Since 2006 they’ve been creating beautiful hand crafted frames and sunglasses made to EU safety standards. In 2012 they were chosen to produce the official London Olympic sunglasses for kids.
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Incredible Easy to Make Rainbow Fudge

April 26th, 2016



Well, here is something that really caught my eye. This incredible easy to make Rainbow Fudge. We’ve really been wanting to try the Rainbow Bagels at the Bagel Store in Brooklyn, (but the good news is that they deliver!) and then these. Must be a rainbow trend going on.
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Stella McCartney Kids – Spring/Summer 2016

April 25th, 2016


Stella McCartney Kids – Spring/Summer 2016 collection is inspired by life under the sea, fun animal characters and crazy zig zags. Framed by sailor stripes, military style jackets reminiscent of past collections and not lacking color in any way, this season is all out fun! T\

here are also photographic animal prints, knits and a large variety of textures and treatments. Stella has gone all out to create something for each kid’s taste.

View the entire Stella McCartney Kids – Spring/Summer 2016 collection here.
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