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Beautiful Childrens Beds from Saartje Prum

August 13th, 2015



I’m so enamored of these beautiful children’s beds from Saartje Prum out of the Netherlands. What I can gather from the site which is in Dutch is that these beds are handmade and they are so charming because they are all like little houses. I would have so loved a bed like one of these when I was a kid.

They also have lovely things like lamps, decals, cushions, wallpapers and all sorts of decor items. Here is their site. 





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Entertrainment Junction Train Display, Ohio

August 11th, 2015



We were visiting family in Cincinnati last week and made our way to Entertrainment Junction, which is the world’s largest indoor train display -that’s 25,000 sq. ft. of model trains on an enormous train layout. This place is incredible. With an area of over half a football field and which includes over 2 miles of track, 90 G-scale locomotives and over 1000 cars, this is a model railroad museum that shows how trains shaped the growth of the US.

I absolutely love how they take you through the different eras of train travel, and all of the people, cars and objects of each era, and the scenarios that take place around the trains. And they are continually building new train tracks and scenes and adding more characters and stories and lives. We’ve been here twice and both times, we can’t take everything in. You just keep looking deeper and deeper and seeing more. It’s hard to get an idea of the scope of this place so I’m sharing tons of photos to help you out.

And they also have a great play area for when the kids are all trained out! So, if you are going to be in Ohio at all, very worth the detour.


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Pink Princess Designer Kidswear

August 10th, 2015


3 Pommes British Girl Fur Vest

Pink Princess has long been a great place to buy special occasion dresses like flower girl dresses, and holiday dresses not only for girls but for boys as well. They now have a pretty extensive collection of designer clothing, from labels such as Jean Bourget, 3 Pommes, Deux par Deux, and so much more! Take a look here to see the extent of their offerings.
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Chocolate Tacos

August 7th, 2015




Well, here is my latest obsession…Chocolate Tacos! I thought I had just about seen everything a human could make in the version of “chocolate” and then I find these. Now, this recipe is not so easy to make just because you have to be careful when you are forming the trumpet cookies so that they make a nice taco shape. But well worth the effort to make something that looks and tastes like this. Other than that delicate part of the process, pretty easy to do. You just fill them with chocolate ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, strawberries and fudge sauce. Mmm.
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Il Gufo Fall/Winter 2015

August 6th, 2015




Well, it’s still summer and boy are we glad. But the beautiful Il Gufo Fall/Winter 2015 Collection almost makes it easy to think about the winter setting in this year.

The collection, as is par for the course with Il Gufo, for boys and girls, filled with the customary blend of stylish and dapper outfits, simple shapes and the little couture details. I’m especially grinning over the super cute pom-pom sweater for the babies, and knitted leaves on the boys’ sweaters as well. The colors are toned down, yet still alive.

To view the full range, go to Il Gufo.
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Throw Paint Filled Eggs at Canvas

July 31st, 2015



Here is a super fun craft for the weekend: Throw Paint Filled Eggs at a Canvas! This is the kind of craft that is so much fun for kids because they don’t have to think and plan. Actually, it’s so much fun for anyone. Who wouldn’t want the satisfaction of hurling paint laden eggshells at a canvas and seeing the art being created as it drips down?! All you do is fill the eggshells with paint and go for it.
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Timorous Beasties Wallcoverings and Decor

July 30th, 2015

timorous_beasts_2 My socks were completely knocked off when I discovered these Wallcoverings and Decor by Timorous Beasties. This incredible studio is the brainchild of Glasgow duo, Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons, who met studying textile design at the Glasgow School of Art. Although not considered specifically children’s textiles, I find many of their designs, especially the ones with insects and birds would be incredible in children’s rooms. They also design and produce ceramics, lampshades, furniture, rugs and fabrics.
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Martha’s Vineyard

July 28th, 2015




I’m back. We just got back from our vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and as you may have noticed, this year, I took a break and completely unplugged. But I am glad to be back and full of new ideas so keep tuned. I blogged about the magic of Martha’s Vineyard in this post right here. And this time, I thought I would spoil you with random shots.

The girls have really come to love this place and look forward to our trip every year.
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Colored Sand DIY

July 17th, 2015



This Colored Sand DIY is so easy. The girls always beg me to buy colored sand and I never knew what it actually was. Turns out it’s salt! Okay, so you’re probably thinking I’m daft that I didn’t know that until now, but well, we all have gaps in our knowledge. But seriously, the only thing you need for this craft is cheap salt, chalk and the jars. Get the full scoop on exactly how to make these right here.




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