Amazing Cardboard Toys from Milimbo

February 12th, 2015



Okay, I’m pretty much crazy about these creative cardboard toys by Milimbo. This amazing company which is based in Spain makes not only incredible hand-made cardboard toys, games and posters for kids based on fairy tales and children’s, but also creates beautiful installations. These are so much more than just objects. Such simplicity with imagination.
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Louise Misha – Spring/Summer 2015

February 10th, 2015



Louise Misha was created in Paris by two designer friends, Aurélie Remetter et Marie Pidancet in 2012. They started off with a small jewelry collection for kids which could also be worn by Mamas and since then, they have blossomed into very sweet, Boho inspired and romantic wear for little girls. I also adore their accessories, especially those precious sandals! And take a look at their “making of” video below. These videos are getting more and more popular and I think a great idea to really see the garments in action.
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DIY Cardboard Ships

February 9th, 2015




These DIY cardboard ships are pretty amazing found on the Ikatbag blog. They were inspired by Narnia and I just love the way they are so well engineered. No amateur, badly designed ships in sight. These are a clear example where the box the toy comes in is more interesting than the toy! There is a very clear tutorial and more photos if you would like to attempt this. And yes, you guessed it -next on our list of craft projects!




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Greek Yoghurt Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

February 6th, 2015



Okay, I can’t take looking at these Greek Yoghurt Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes when I can’t eat them. It was about time for a new cupcake recipe on Bellissima and apparently, these cupcakes are THE ultimate chocolate cupcakes. I’m literally dying to try these and have my shopping list all ready for tomorrow to make it happen ASAP. Get the recipe on Baker by Nature.
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I Adore Little Feet

February 4th, 2015


Zecchino D’oro Navy Suede Desert Boot

I adore this online kids’ shoe shop called I Adore Little Feet. Owners, Nicole and Nick (who are parents to boy and girl twins) have curated the most wonderful collection of Italian and Spanish girls’ and boys’ shoes all in one place. And I want to swoop down and take a bunch of these wonderful shoes. Take a look at all that they have to offer over on their website.

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5 Great DIY Puppet Crafts to Make with Your Kids

February 2nd, 2015


Shadow puppets and theater. Find out how to make this set at Estéfi Machado


Since I came across a wonderful vintage marionette theater at Christmas, the girls have been so into these puppet shows. And of course, the famous Marionette Scene from the Sound of Music has been pretty inspiring for them too. They would absolutely love some big, handmade marionettes like that. But in the meantime, here are some that are easy to make with the kids and so much fun to play with.

Which one is your favorite?
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Crazy Beautiful Wall Papers To Transform Your Kids’ Room

January 30th, 2015


These wallpapers are so incredibly delectable… a veritable feast of flora and fauna exploding on your walls. For someone who has simply painted walls, I constantly window shop for wallpaper and find so many beautiful ones that I can’t commit to one! These were spotted on super site, Smallable!
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Amazing Kid’s Beds -Going to Sleep Just Got a Lot More Fun

January 29th, 2015



Well, if your kids don’t want to go to sleep at night, here are some beds that will completely turn that around. Brought to you by Belgian company, Mathy by Bols,  and their team of designers, these numbers are so fun, I want to live in one myself! They have really achieved that warm and fuzzy feeling of a cubby type space that kids just adore. Check out the other amazing pieces on their site.
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Natalia Zaratiegui – Illustrator

January 28th, 2015



I’m pretty much smitten by this Spanish artist Natalia Zaratiegui. She publishes in magazines and publishing houses and has worked in the world of publishing and communication. Go to her site to see all the amazing things she does.
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