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Aristocrat Kids, Winter 2016

March 30th, 2016



The Aristocrat Kids, Winter 2016 collection entitled, “A Royal Tale” is indeed fit for a queen with the exquisite silks, laces and the fetching pastoral prints. Oona asked me today what an aristocrat is and these designs embody what that used to mean in the golden days of the aristocracy.
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Ukrainian Easter Eggs

March 26th, 2016



So, I did promise that I would post our Ukrainian Easter Eggs and here they are! Well, I would say they are more Ukrainian inspired but we did use the same method and same tools as a Polish friend came over last year and showed us how. The girls made these, and I think they came out quite well.

If you want to try this yourself, go here to see step-by-step instructions.
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Rice Crispies Easter Baskets

March 24th, 2016



Well, we finally got into Easter preparation mode today and made some Ukrainian Easter eggs. Well, we made our own new style but did use all the special techniques… (which I will post later).

And I came across these very easy and effective Easter baskets made with Rice Crispies, no less. I found them on this nice blog called Lil Luna. Take a look and get the full recipe!

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Jesse and James, Spring Summer 2016

March 21st, 2016



The hyper talented British duo are at it again with the Jesse and James Spring Summer 2016  collection. I’ve blogged about this wonderful label a few times but in case you weren’t around, they worked with Vivienne Westwood and have had some of the Fashion Revolution rub off on them in their kidswear creations.

This season, we are treated with their floral and very sweet side for the girl’s collection with their signature interesting and arty cuts and bright red has a pretty huge participation as well as lovely candy colors. For the boys, a palette of baby blues, blacks and tans with the laid back style with arty touches.
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DIY Denim Whale

March 18th, 2016



This wonderful DIY Denim Whale from Finnish blog Valaan Villapaita is unusual and well crafty! It’s rare to see a denim whale at and I just love the tucks curved darts on the belly giving this critter the texture.

For a very detailed tutorial in English, go right here and get cracking. I’m thinking of making one each for the girls. They seem to be drawn to whale toys.

And have a beautiful weekend and enjoy your kids!

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Corby Tindersticks Wilby Soft Toy

March 16th, 2016



Well, another gorgeous and ever so cute creation from Corby Tindersticks with their Wilby Soft Toy.

I already blogged about Corby Tindersticks right here when they first launched and since then, they have gone from strength to strength in their quirky fair-trade and organic-when-possible fun items for kids and grown-ups too.

All of their toys are hand made in the UK out of cotton and wool by people who care about the environment.


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The Small Gatsby – Fashion from Vienna

March 14th, 2016



This underwater fashion shoot from the The Small Gatsby for spring 2016 with this amazing effect and photography by Wanda Kujacz is truly out of this world. 

Shot in Vienna (where I spent some months many moons ago), this watery realm is inhabited Raphael, a ballet student of the Vienna State Opera ballet company together with dance students of Showtime Vienna Sterre.
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Pantovola Textile Folk Art Dolls

March 2nd, 2016



PANTOVOLA Textile Folk Art Dolls are folkloric, fantastical, dreamlike textile art pieces and dolls hand made by Edinburgh based artist Anouk de Groot. These are more art pieces than toys but I’m sure that kids would be thrilled with them.

Animals and magical creatures are hand stitched, painted, dressed and embroidered using unbleached cotton, watercolors and coffee, and lots of beautiful vintage and antique fabrics which Anouk collects from local thrift stores and markets.

Says Anouk” The PANTOVOLA dolls are inspired by the magical world of childhood that is so full of fantastic imagination and wonderful creatures, by nature and it’s remarkable animals, plants and flowers, by the romance of nostalgia,by the memories of my own childhood, like visiting a puppet theater in an old farm with my gran or of dreaming away for hours staring into all the different rooms of the Victorian dolls houses displayed at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, getting lost in these miniature lives.”

Each piece is entirely unique, not a second one like it will be available on the entire planet or any other planet!
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Embroidered Animals by Coral and Tusk

February 24th, 2016


Here is the beautiful new collection of embroidered animals by Coral & Tusk! I’ve long admired the exquisite pieces that the Coral & Tusk owner/designer, Stephanie Housley (below) has been producing since 2007, when their Brooklyn based atelier first opened its doors.

A Rhode Island School of Design-trained textile designer, Stephanie first creates her quirky and personality filled characters and bold patterns as original pencil drawings before she painstakingly redraws them stitch by stitch using specialized software. Designs are machine-embroidered in workshops that Stephanie set up in India and are then finished by hand in her Brooklyn studio. Every Coral & Tusk product retains the hand-drawn allure of the original illustration, now with the satisfying tactile quality of stitches on cloth.
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