DIY Pinatas and Miniature Pinatas

September 12th, 2014



These DIY Pinatas are all wonderful. Definitely too nice to take a whack at! And the teeny weeny miniature pinatas above are even sweeter. You can use the same exact DIY and just scale it down. To find out exactly how to make these, head over to The Journals of Giddy Giddy.

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Earth Cake and Jupiter Cake

September 10th, 2014



What amazing cakes these Earth and Jupiter struc­tural layer cakes are! They were made by Aussie zool­o­gist and baker Rhi­an­non from Cake­crumbs.

The Earth cake above was the first one she made and it’s actually a hemisphere. The red layer is orange Madeira sponge, the yellow is lemon Madeira sponge and the white cake was a vanilla buttercake.

She then went further with the Jupiter cake below which is a full sphere. She cov­ered the Jupiter cake with ivory marsh­mal­low fon­dant and then dry brushed a com­bi­na­tion of ivory, brown, and maroon edi­ble ink. The core of the planet is mud cake, sur­rounded by almond but­ter cake and tinted vanilla Madeira sponge. To see exactly how she made them, go to her website!
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Anne Kurris – Fall/Winter 2014

September 9th, 2014



Now for some Fall and Winter fashion!

Anne Kurris is one of my favorite Belgian designers and she has wonderful offerings for this season. She has merged so many ingredients in her inimitable fashion: her trademark animals with reworked graphics, a sort of space-age 60′s retro and wonderful colors and textures of all sorts. And then we have the very sweet and soft Bambi type prints.

Take a look at the whole range right here!


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Paper People by Malin Koort – Illustrator

September 5th, 2014




We’re back from our summer vacations and my little hiatus from Bellissima Kids! And next week I’ll be posting about the amazing place we were in this week.

In the meantime, I have fallen in love with these little Paper People by Swedish Illustrator, designer and artist, Malin Koort. She also creates book covers, editorial illlustration and furniture patterns – writing and illustrating stories for people big and small and drawing never ending drawings and making tiny paper-sculptures.
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Our Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

September 2nd, 2014



Well, here is some more loveliness from last week on Martha’s Vineyard. I already filled you in on the legendary Murdicks Fudge and here is a mini-guide I did about Cape Cod from a while back. And I have added some random moments and places for this post. This is our second trip to the Vineyard. We all enjoy the very special mood on Martha’s Vineyard that we haven’t found anywhere else.

And we have another surprise post of another vacation that is coming up very soon! So, check back for that.


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Murdick’s Fudge, Martha’s Vineyard

August 28th, 2014



I have taken a little break from Bellissima as you can see. We were on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard this past week. We had a ball of course. And here is a mini-post of a place that the girls just adore: Murdick’s Fudge on Circuit Avenue. They sat and watched that handmade fudge being made as much as they possibly could.

I’ll be posting more of our trip soon!


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NY NOW Gift Fair, 2014

August 20th, 2014


The girls just loved these simple, natural wooden toys made right in the US from Tree Hopper Toys. The bots that stack in so many ways were the real winners. 


Call me crazy but I took the girls to their very first trade show with me. Yep. We hit the NY NOW gift fair yesterday and rocked it! And they were actually pretty good seeing that it was a stimulation explosion. They treated it like the best playdate ever, playing with every toy in site. And the exhibitors were all great about letting them have fun.

This fair is huge and there was so much to see, so we stuck with looking at only things relating to kids. And even that was an enormous selection. And here is just a very small selection of things that we really liked.


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3 Awesome Decorated Cakes

August 18th, 2014


Here are some quite amazing cakes. I am completely enthralled by this Library Cake above by Kathy Knaus. I would love to see step-by-step photos of this one.
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Beautiful Illustrations by Jen Corace

August 14th, 2014



I’m always very excited to discover wonderful illustrators and Jen Corace’s work is a great example. A lot of her illustrations are of children and I love the  lyrical and dreamy world these children inhabit. Just magical!
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