Happy Thanksgiving – great free printables

November 26th, 2015


Thanksgiving bingo from Crazy Little Projects

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s here and in between cooking up a storm, I thought I would get some great free Thanksgiving printables- activities and games and decor sorted out. This is what I found. The girls are dying to play the Bingo. That should keep them busy while I finish off the Thanksgiving meal touches.

What are some things you do on Thanksgiving Day to keep the kids amused? Please share in the comments. I’m always super interested to hear how others spend their day apart from sharing a wonderful meal and being actively grateful of course!

And of course, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

With much love,

jeanne xoxo



Gratitude garland from Somewhat Simple


Kids Thanksgiving printable placemats from My Sister’s Suitcase


Free fall printable from AKA DESIGN + LIFE


Thanksgiving subway art from Today’s Fabulous Finds

Furry Monster Friends by Jenny Dellemyr

November 24th, 2015



These little creatures called Dellebollar by Swedish designer Jenny DellemyrDellebollars are extremely curious little critters. They are also a sort of good luck charm as well as being really good listeners. Perfect for your little ones to tell all sorts of secrets to. And they can keep them!

Made by hand, these furry friends are not only toys but can be made into mobiles or other decorations. Or can be put wherever there is a need for an adorable little monster-like friend!

Dellebollars can be found in the Dellemyr shop as well as all sorts of other amazing things! Check out the monster slippers below for a start.




Thankful Crafts for Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2015


Via: Simply Vintage Girl

Thanksgiving is almost here and I’ve found some lovely Thankful Crafts for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful occasion where all people can celebrate and be included. And what is Thanksgiving without a reinforcement of gratitude for all that we and our kids have and are?

Gratitude is closely tied to happiness. Research has shown that grateful people are more likely to be happy, positive, hopeful and full of energy. They also tend to be more spiritual, more forgiving, and more empathetic. And thankful people tend to be less depressed. So, what’s not to love about Gratitude?!

In our family, we thank God for everything we are grateful for every day at the end of the day.

And Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to reinforce this gratitude while having a ball!

Here are some other fab ideas:


Gratitude Box from Meri Cherry

Gratitude Stones from Fireflies and Mud Pies

Gratitude Sun Catcher from Sugar Aunts


Via: Brendid


Thankfulness jar

Cucu Lab Italian Design

November 20th, 2015



Cucu Lab Italian design for this Autumn/Winter 2015/16 is their trademark blend of comfortable, avant-garde, Bohemian flair. The colors are browns and blues and muted reds and sweet retro prints with stripes figuring in big this season. Made completely in Italy of fine woolens and cottons.

Cucu Lab also has a women’s range which blends with the kiddies line to keep the mood of this easygoing, easy to wear style.

To view the whole collection, go to the Cucu Lab site!











Big Beautiful Birds Craft

November 17th, 2015



What fun this Beautiful Big Birds Craft is! As you may have noticed, I love cardboard art (check this out) and these birds are so fun and easy and the kids get to do some cutting and painting all in the same day. All you need is cardboard, glue, scissors, paints and staples!

For the rundown, go to Krakotak.


big_cardboard_birds_3 big_cardboard_birds

Frosted Pumpkin Cookies Recipe

November 12th, 2015



The season is here for EVERYTHING pumpkin flavored. So, these Frosted Pumpkin Cookies are just the ticket. We already made Pumpkin Bread and Pumpkin Pancakes, so these are next on our list! I am always amazed also at all the new products every year that are pumpkin flavored. The most original one to date was the Pumpkin Rooibos Tea I bought last year. Still trying to top that one as far as unexpectable!

You can find the full recipe right here!



Oil and Water Raincoats – Fall/Winter 2015

November 10th, 2015



The girls are crazy about their new raincoats from the Oil & Water Fall/Winter 2015 range. They have worn them rain or shine ever since they arrived! And this label, since it’s inception has been one of my favorite raincoat lines for kids ever.

Oil & Water designs for children sizes 2-14, and are for boys as well as girls. (See below).

For this Fall/Winter 2015 range, rich jewel tones and metallics rule. Oona was saying that she had never had a golden garment before. And the collection comes with rain boots and umbrellas to match so the kiddos are well coordinated, as well as completely dry.

See all the lovely new styles on the Oil & Water site.

And check out the completely silly girls dancing in the streets of New York with their new raincoats.









Modern Queen Kids Jewelry

November 4th, 2015



This Modern Queen Kids jewelry story by my favorite kid’s fashion photographer Wanda Kujacz was shot in France at the Chateau de Courances which is owned by my dear and old friends, the De Ganays! (And here’s a little interesting fact: I shot one of my short films on these very grounds!)

Modern Queen Kids kids jewelry hails from Los Angeles and is inspired by their fantasy story of the fairytale Queen and all the children in her kingdom. The Spring/Summer 2015 and Fall/Winter 2015/2016 lines feature a stunning collection of fanciful jewelry, sparkling adventure sticks, crowns and warrior bands. Imagination, nature and story are all key here!

And what is unique about this brand is that every single rock, stone, feather, piece of wood or delightful discovery has been hand curated, painted and sparkled. Every spool of sparkly yarn, cut of soft fabric, and unique textile has been hand gathered from lands far and wide.

The first MODERN QUEEN kids children’s picture book is currently under development. It will tell the captivating and inspiring story of the Modern Queen and the children of her kingdom – featuring stunning Modern Queen kids photography.