Tia Cibani Kids Fall 2017 Inspired by Frida Kahlo

July 21st, 2016



I am so in love with my friend Tia Cibani’s Kids Fall 2016 Collection Inspired by Frida Kahlo. And in fact it’s entitled: ‘Art, Garden, Life’ in honour of Frida -and her love of nature in her work and life. Plants and flowers and Aztec motifs and designs were omnipresent in her work and in her garden at Casa Azul.

The very artistic collection was inspired Tia’s equally artistic, Tia Cibani adult line which has been modified to be more fun and kid-like of course! The fabrics are rich, earthy and luxurious with silks and cashmeres along with tweeds, in beautiful deep jewel colors. I love her use of tulle with the heavier fabrics. And Tia has added a boy’s line this season which includes some block knits and unexpected prints.

Tia Cibani Kids will be showing at Playtime New York from July 31st to August 2nd!










Edible Teacup Cookies Recipe

July 20th, 2016



These Edible Teacup Cookies caught my eye and the girls are clamoring to make these. They are more about construction than actual cooking as these are no-bake cookies. And they actually look like a lot of fun to make. We will take these on for a birthday party special brunch.

To find out exactly how to make these go and visit She Knows and get the full scoop.




Bandit Kids – Free Spirited, Ethical Clothing from Australia

July 18th, 2016



Bandit Kids hails from Australia and more exactly, from Byron Bay in New South Wales, which is a very beautiful, beachy and historical part of Oz.

And Bandit Kids is a reflection of that area and lifestyle. They love the little ones surfing, running outside, climbing trees, skateboarding, riding bikes, exploring, and enjoying endless pretend play; dress-ups, make-believe, being a wild animal, being a bandit! Through their clothing, they want to encourage what comes naturally to kids: free thinking, imagination, dreaminess, and being impulsive, artistic, quirky, free-spirited.
Every item is carefully handmade. And all the original art is all hand-drawn, and these drawings are turned into screens, which are then screen-printed by hand onto their eco-dyed material.

The Bandit Kids goal is to spread a message of peace, love and acceptance. They are part of a new wave of earth, surf and sun loving families who are traveling the world and raising their children among different cultures in the hope that they will learn to see the world as one. ALL KIDS ARE COOL is a term they came up with to represent the heartbeat of the brand…and I agree!

Check here for all their stockists, online and offline!






Photographer, Katerina Plotnikova – Stunning Portraits With Real Animals

July 14th, 2016


Photographer, Katerina Plotnikova and her stunning portraits with real animals are not photoshopped or enhanced. They are completely real and raw! Not only are these shots incredibly beautiful but they are touching moments with humans and animals where we feel mutual love.

The rest of Katerina‘s body of work is just as magical and surreal.

Here is part of a Q&A she had with photography blog, 500px, iso where they asked her to reveal the story behind some of her incredible shots:

Are the animals in your photos real?
 Of course they are real! The fox, for example, is a real domesticated animal. His name is Adyssey. He has a bit difficult temper, but he is very loved by his owner. All the animals that are in my photo shoots are treated really well. Sometimes, I even think that their owners treat them better than their own kids!

Can you tell us more about yourself?
 I was born in a small town near Moscow, where I still live to this day. My life revolves around two things — photography and travel. However, my travel experience is not too extensive. Last year, I travelled all over Russia, from Moscow to a remote Sakhalin. This year, I visited a number of South East Asian countries. My big dream is to travel around the world, and see all the corners of our amazing planet.

KATHERINE: The bear is real! His name is Stepan, and he’s a movie star! He has an extensive experience — around 18 years. Throughout all these years, he has never showed any aggression. The only threat is that he can break your heart. He’s so marvelous and well-managed, that after just a minute of being with him you can’t suppress the smile. You would be very moved by Stepan’s behavior and his infinite warmth with his handlers. They delight him with treats — such as cakes and fish. They treat him like a human, and that impresses me very much.

Foxes are my most favorite animals of all. There’s nothing that connects the fox to the model, other than a mutual love of foxes. The fox is owned by one of my friends.

For more on this interview with Katerina, go right here! And to see more of her beautiful work, go here. And you can keep track of her on Facebook as well!



Hebe Ethical Kids Fashion for Spring/Summer 2017

July 12th, 2016



Hebe ethical kids fashion for spring/summer 2017 features prints of the animals that are vanishing from our planet.

Founded in Riga. Latvia, all HEBE clothing is produced locally and represents high quality, uniquely designed garments that are offered in a broad range of sizes for boys and girls aged 0 to 12. And they pride themselves on clothes that are such good quality, that they don’t wear out!

Hebe is eco-conscious and uses mostly natural materials such as Oeko–Tex and GOTS certified organic cotton which means that it’s non-toxic. 

This Spring/Summer 2017 collection features prints of creatures that have become rare or endangered – pandas, rhinos, elephants and tigers, maybe to remind us to not let go of these precious animals. A percentage of the profits from this collection will be given to The World Wildlife fund. 

Hebe will be showing at CIFF Kids in Copenhagen in August.

And to see their current summer range, take a look at the Hebe website







Simply Chickie Organic Baby Clothes

July 6th, 2016



Here is the wonderful brand of Simply Chickie Organic Baby Wear by my pal Gwendolyn Gardner, the founder and designer!

Simply Chickie started in 2005 with just the printed rompers and it has grown since into hats, t-shirts and very recently launched their first women’s line of printed tees and tank tops.

After surviving breast cancer during her pregnancy with her daughter, Gwendolyn cleaned up her entire environment as far as diet, as well as what she was putting on her body and entire environment. She paid attention to labels and discovered that the lovely soft cotton clothing she enjoyed hid a dirty secret: the cotton crop is one of the most polluting crops grown.
As she started making life-altering changes, she also thought about her daughter, Elizabeth every step of the way and other children just like her. She knew for sure she was going to do everything in her power to ensure her little girl was as safe as she could make her. Since baby skin is very porous, she created an organic cotton clothing line for babies.

Simply Chickie was born with the creation of the romper above, which was a poem Gwen wrote when her baby was 6 months old. So sweet.

These make fabulous gifts for baby showers and new moms! Check out her whole range here on the Simply Chickie site.


simply_chickie_3 simply_chickie_6


Mirdinara Illustrations and Decor

June 29th, 2016



I’m enchanted by these Mirdinara Illustrations and Decor by Dinara Mirtalipova, who is a self taught illustrator/designer. The illustrations have a lovely retro feel, like the illustrators from the turn of the last century, and of the course, the Slavic folkloric, magical influence.

Born and raised in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, she eventually landed in Ohio. Raised in Soviet Uzbek culture, Dinara inhabited Uzbek/Russian folklore that still influences her work.

Currently Dinara works from her home studio in Sagamore Hills, OH. She uses a wide range of materials and tools, like carving lino blocks, gouache, acrylics and many others. She has been working with many great brands, publishing companies and ad agencies and she is continuously looking forward to making new friends.

She has a wonderful brick and mortar shop. And you must take a look at her online shop. There are some really wonderful items in there!


mirdinara_3 mirdinara_gusi-lebedi mirdinara-baba+yaga mirdinara



Anchovy Kidswear Designed by Custom App

June 27th, 2016



I am thrilled to find highly creative kidswear labels like Anchovy Kidswear which has fabrics and patterns actually designed by a custom app that the designers Artists Giedre and Karolis, created themselves.  

Their daughter Juka was the first to try this color gradient app on an iPad (which you can explore and have fun with yourself on their website right here). They loved the process and the patterns it created and decided to launch a fashion line using it by making it wearable. That’s how the children’s clothing line was born along with the Anchovy brand. Why Anchovy you ask? Because most interesting things are either loved or hated.

Their website has some of the current season and some pretty artistic shots and a video by Julija Goyd that is pretty fascinating.

The Anchovy SS2017 will be showing at Playtime Paris on July 2-4 so if you are going, make sure you see these wonderful garments up close. The theme for this coming season is of Pink and Blue as the most used colours for children swear.







Bright and Beautiful Kids Rooms

June 22nd, 2016


Via: Ave Styles

I have a thing about bright and beautiful kids rooms! I want to complete redo the girls’ room every time I see something new and wonderful. So, here is a great compilation of very fresh and bright rooms for summer. Somehow, in our real life, our rooms are not this as orderly as these wonderfully designed ones, but I’m guessing that is the case with most or all kid’s rooms!?

In any case, I hope you get some good ideas from this wonderful selection. If you want to share your kid’s room or some fave decor you have seen for kid’s rooms, please post them on the Bellissima Kids Facebook page – I love to see you new ideas!




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Via:  Pour Mes Jolis Momes


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