Che Rie – Fashion Leggings for Girls and Moms

May 26th, 2015



We just got our wonderful spandex fashion leggings from Ché Rie. The girls chose the sweet Pink Rose Leggings below, and I can tell you, it is very difficult to choose as they have so many colorful and wonderful options. And they keep adding more all the time. And they have Mom leggings to match the girls’ ones so there is no Princess Envy going on!

Designed to take you to the heights of dance and beyond and also to make you a Pop Art object…well, I just think they’re fun and bold and as versatile as we all know leggings to be. Keep checking back to see the new styles.






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My Little Pony Birthday Party

May 22nd, 2015



Well here it is! My rundown of our My Little Pony Birthday Party for Solène. Here is the colorful table in all its glory. All the kids had a BALL. And believe it or not, we made that Pinky Pie Piñata ourselves. It was heartbreaking to see Pinky all shattered and in pieces, but the shower of candy made it all better for the little ones.

And I will be doing a separate DIY Pinky Pie Piñata post very soon to show you exactly how to make this lovely piñata. So stay tuned!



Here’s Pinky Pie up close and personal.




This special delicacy is called Fairy Bread and is an Australian classic for kid’s birthday parties. You just butter white bread, and sprinkle hundreds and thousands all over it and cut it into squares or triangles. Et voila.




I had this icing sheet laser printed for the cake–unfortunately, it cracked a bit. Oh well.




And those beautiful Heart Cookies on a Stick were made by our dear friend, Snezana. Maybe she will do a post on how to make these…I’ll ask her!



The birthday girl herself and big sister.


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Childs Play by Daniel Buren -Madre Contemporary Art Museum, Naples

May 20th, 2015



If you are lucky enough to be traveling to Naples this summer, don’t miss the Madre contemporary art museum’s, Child’s Play, created by by the 77-year-old French artist Daniel Buren.

With this installation visitors are welcomed into the large gallery on the ground floor of the museum, converted into a play area with a veritable game of life-size constructions, or a kindergarten on the scale of the environment. Buren was inspired by the ideas of Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852), the German pedagogue who created the concept of and the word – kindergarten. Well, I’m sure that kids would love a kindergarten that looks like this!




Buren, who is known for his use of bold stripes in his installations, worked with French architect Patrick Bouchain to create this colorful wonderland. The exhibitions runs until August 31st, 2015.







Photo credit: Phoebé Meyer. Courtesy the artist, GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano – Beijing – Les Moulins. © Daniel Buren-ADAGP Paris

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Pistol Star – New Breakout Brand from Brazil

May 18th, 2015



Pistol Star is a blue hyper giant star, 25,000 years light of Earth and near the center of the Milky Way, following the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. It is one of the most massive stars known to us, and it has 10 million times more light than the our sun, producing as much energy in six seconds as the sun produces in one year. What a great name for a kid’s brand!

Lila Colzani, founder of another Brazilian women and men’s brand called Colcci -you know, the one where Gisele sashayed for the last time during SP Fashion Week recently, is the label’s owner and designer. After the birth of her son Pedro in 2007, she and her husband Thiago Volpato realized that there was a gap in the market for children’s street wear designed for urban and active kids.

Pistol Star targets boys and girls between 2 and 12 years old.

The Pistol Star will not work with collections with rigid seasons. The idea is to have continuous product launches so the site will always have new cool pieces.

















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DIY Friday: Quiet Book from Etsy

May 15th, 2015



What a fabulous and cute Traditional Cloth Quiet Book! I just found this book pattern on Etsy and it includes all of the classic quiet book page favorites, with interactive activities such as zippers, buttons, and snaps. This would keep the kids amused for a while as they develop motor skills and learn.

The pattern comes with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to put it together with photographs. It’s a hand sewing project which we be great for kids who can use a needle and thread, but you could use a sewing machine. Check it out here.




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Osmo Game System for Ipad

May 14th, 2015



This is quite ingenious. A great way have the kids use the iPad to integrate real world activities.  Ex-Google engineer Pramod Sharma figured out how to harness the iPad addictive powers as an educational tool. The result, called Osmo uses the iPad’s camera and display to turn any table into an interactive learning lab.

(Make sure you check out the video below to see it in action.)

Osmo uses letter tiles, colored blocks, random dinosaur action figures, and even a kid’s stick figure drawings as video game controllers when placed in the camera’s field of view. Osmo’s sophisticated vision systems recognizes the objects and uses them to trigger animations and effects on screen.


Three apps come with Osmo: Tangram, which adds interactive chrome to the millennia old block puzzles; Words, a tactile take on Hangman and other spelling games; and Newton, a physics simulator that reacts to objects and drawings in the camera’s field of view. Sharma plans to open the system up to third party game developers and says “we believe we can add magic to so many existing tangible experiences.”

The wonderful part is that the kiddos rarely touch the screen, instead, interactivity is embodied in everyday objects. The goal is to make the iPad social..which most parents are probably very in favor of . Available here!




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Incredible S’mores Dip

May 13th, 2015



Okay, that’s it. Another decadent dessert here on Bellissima with this ever so seductive S’mores Dip. This one is screaming out to be made ASAP. And the fab news is it’s made in a skillet so no campfire, no marshmallows falling off of sticks and made to order for large groups of people…or maybe just yourself and the kids.  And here is the full recipe!



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DIY Paper Bird Cage Lanterns

May 12th, 2015



This Bird Cafe Lanterns from DIY expert, Laurie Cinotto of La La Laurie is so adorable.  I can imagine a ton of these for a baby shower or kids party. They would make fab little goody bags for candies. To get the full scoop on how to create these babies, go here!
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Welcome to our New Sponsor -Smokks

May 11th, 2015



A very warm welcome to our new sponsor, Smokks! We are so happy to have Smokks on Bellissima Kids because my daughters have some Smokks themselves and absolutely love them. I also am a huge fan because these dresses are so, so easy to get on the girls (no zip, buttons or anything) and transition so well from play to a bit more dressy. And they also pack really well for traveling.

And they have some great new styles and fabrics for spring/summer. There are also Smokks for women…gotta get some for summer for myself. Check them out on their site!
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