The Easiest Painted Rocks Ever

October 24th, 2014



Painted Rocks seem to be the rage these days in craft circles and with kids and I can see why. And we have had so much interest in our painted rock posts, here and here and so many questions on exactly how to paint rocks etc. that I was thrilled to find the EASIEST method of painting rocks ever! These can be done by anyone.

These beauties were found on the exquisite French blog Isabelle Kessedjian and because I understand French, I can tell you exactly how these were made!

So, here goes:

* First paint these rocks, (which by the way, are rocks found on the beach, so very smooth) with a coat of white, acrylic craft paint.

* Let them dry.

* Then you use these Molotow markers and paint (draw) away!

Now a note about these Molotow paint markers. They are fantastic. You can mix the colors and change the nib size. You can do so much with these that my imagination is running wild!

That’s it. And I have an added step if you would like them to be shinier – you can coat with Mod Podge or with some clear nail varnish  as we did for these Painted Rocks.

Happy Weekend!

xox, jeanne




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Babesta to Open Flagship Store at Brookfield Place

October 23rd, 2014



Babesta announced today that it will be joining Saks Fifth Avenue, Hermes, Ferragamo, Scoop, and a host of world-class brands at Brookfield Place, the downtown retail and dining destination due to open in full March 2015! Babesta, the indie baby-to-big-kid clothing, gift and gear boutique, owned by my lovely friends Jennifer and Aslan Cattaui, will be opening this flagship store – a new space for everything Cool City Kids with the help of premiere architect, West Chin.
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Angle on Artist – Willard Wigan

October 22nd, 2014



Here is the next in our series, Angle on Artists. I only found out about this amazing micro-sculptor Willard Wigan recently because one of the girls had to research him for an art museum trip! And his art just blows me away. And this person is an inspiration to us all. As a schoolboy growing up in 1960’s Birmingham, England, he was ridiculed by teachers and peers alike for not being able to read.  No one talked about dyslexia in those days, and so young Willard’s learning problems went undiagnosed, and his teachers told him that he was stupid and would never amount to anything.

“It began when I was five years old.  I started making houses for ants because I thought they needed somewhere to live. Then I made them shoes and hats. It was a fantasy world I escaped to where my dyslexia didn’t hold me back and my teachers couldn’t criticize me. That’s how my career as a micro-sculptor began.”

Willard Wigan, Sculptor and Dyslexic
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Adorable Halloween Costumes for Pets

October 21st, 2014



I thought it was about time we honored our pets for Halloween. They have been somewhat neglected when it comes to devoting all that time and creative energy towards making some really special costumes. Well, except for these pet owners! If you are going to dress your pet up for Halloween, here are some pretty cute ideas. I can’t get over the pin cushion and the hot dog stand! Comment below and tell us which is your favorite.

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Atticus & Gilda – Luxury Nightwear and Accessories

October 17th, 2014



Atticus & Gilda has some of the most beautiful nightwear for kids I’ve ever seen! The sweet, retro quality of these outfits is just so adorable – especially love those touches like the bloomers and delicate little bows. This classical style of nightwear is what my girls go nuts over!

This label is very interesting as it’s the brainchild of  Lucy Gaiger and Conchita-Maria Scott. Both have fascinating careers alongside this labor of love in theatre, film and fashion, dressing stars such as Nicole Kidman, Helen Mirren and the cast of Mamma Mia just to mention a few! And all the trimmings in this nightwear were picked up along their theatrical travels so there’s a little bit of history in each garment.

Some of the pieces for the boys can be worn during the day. Scroll down!
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DIY Clay Stamped Magnets

October 15th, 2014




These wonderful DIY clay magnets are next on our crafting agenda. So effective with the beautiful inked stamps and not too difficult. No more difficult than making Christmas cookies! I’m thinking you could also make buttons out of these if you just poke two holes in the middle of each. Go to Gathering Beauty for full instructions!
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The Fableists – Sustainable British Fashion

October 14th, 2014


Check out this fairly new British brand, The Fableists. The name is a blend of:  

[ fable + activitist ] Fable – a short story with a moral, Activist – Someone with a rebellious spirit who makes positive change happen

The Fableist look is based heavily on old school utilitarian work-wear and classic vintage clothing. And the label has no seasons. They’re designed to be worn all year round by both boys and girls. They are made to be passed on to someone else when they’re outgrown and even come with their own passport so you can track where they’ve been. That’s cool.

And they are course,  sustainable every  step of the way. And watch their very sweet video below.
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Vintage Paper Butterflies

October 10th, 2014


These paper butterflies have me obsessed. We have been making various types of paper butterflies for a while now and are creating a theme wall with them but these are so interesting! Made from layers of books pages, vintage sheet music, silk paper, and various other papers, the first series has the Seven Capital Sins written on them and the series below has sentiments and feelings.
Even though these look amazing, they wouldn’t be very difficult to make. We are going to go for it! Keep Reading…

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Black Velvet Rose Cupcakes For Halloween

October 9th, 2014



Well, Halloween is coming up sooner than we think and I’ve been searching for unusual Halloween desserts that don’t involve pumpkins or ghosts or witches. And I came across the recipe for these Black Velvet Rose Cupcakes on the very quirky and imaginative baking blog, Diary of a Hausfrau. I like the sinister feeling of these cupcakes and I’m sure they are delicious! And so worth heading over there to see the other amazing recipes.
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