Colored Beans for Learning and Crafts

September 19th, 2014



We finally finished our Colored Beans, project! And the girls are having a ball playing with them. These sensory objects for play are very prevalent in the Waldorf schooling method. We are using these for sensory play and also to make art with. I will definitely post the artwork that we make from these later!

Please note that colored beans are a choking hazard and little kids sometimes think they are candy. So please be very careful. 

Okay enough of the safety drill…Scroll down to see exactly how to make these!




So here’s the method:

Buy beans. We used these Small White Beans and these Baby Lima beans. The Small White Beans worked WAY better as the Lima Beans were a bit waxy and took longer to dry and weren’t as absorbent and the color comes off a bit in your hands. But having said that, it is very nice to have a mix of sizes as you can see.

So, you just put some beans in a baggie. Then add a few drops of food coloring, seal the bag and then shake them around until all of the beans are covered in color. To get the rainbow of colors, I used a combination of regular food coloring and neon food coloring. I also experimented mixing different colors together.

I also tried the method of putting vinegar in with the coloring but found that the straight food coloring worked way better…and it’s easier.

Immediately dump them out onto a paper towel or parchment paper and separate the beans.  Allow them to air dry for several hours. Et voila!

And you can store them in the baggies or in plastic food containers. They last quite a while.




The girls were delighted at handling these beans and me too. There is definitely something very fulfilling about the feeling of these between your fingers.




Here are the beans drying on the parchment paper.







The colors swirled wonderfully creating wave-like effects. Can you tell we loved this project?!





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Incredible Crocheted Toys and Fruits

September 18th, 2014



I have to admit that I really appreciate wonderful crocheted toys and not the average art of crocheting but more specifically, Amigurumi which is the Japanese art of crocheting cuter than cute, little toys. And I love crocheted pieces of fruit. Don’t know why but I find them completely adorable. Check out the lovely Hipotastitch to see more of these.







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Painted Chairs for Kids – Swarm Shop

September 17th, 2014



Okay, so I have been wondering why we don’t have images painted on chairs for awhile now and look what I found on the Swarm Home site? Kids’ chairs with cool and quirky works of art painted on them. These are actually canvases that are repurposed onto vintage chairs. Love that. And take a look at the other very original and arty decor items in Swarm Home. Well worth the visit if you are looking for something different and non-commercial!
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Chapter 2 – Handmade Shoes for Kids

September 16th, 2014




Here is a sweet story of a family affair of hand-made shoes for kids, made in London:

Fay, began her career designing accessories for Dries Van Noten in Antwerp, Belgium. Here she developed a sense of style, a love of colour, texture, and an appreciation of the quality of luxury. She later moved to Barcelona and designed her own footwear range for an exclusive boutique in New York.  And now she and her hubby, Tom source the best leathers from Italy and he has his shoemaking workshop in the living room of their home.

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Stella McCartney Kids- Fall/Winter 2014/2015

September 15th, 2014




Stella McCartney is out of the gates this season with a bang! This collection is all about kids being whatever they want to be: Ziggy Stardust, or detectives or bears or glamor girls. And it’s high on stimulating the creativity and imagination of your kids in an amusing and very British way! The range is pretty vast and really caters to every single occasion for all age groups,  intermingled with this dress-ups theme. For the full collection, take a look at the Stella McCartney site. 
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DIY Pinatas and Miniature Pinatas

September 12th, 2014



These DIY Pinatas are all wonderful. Definitely too nice to take a whack at! And the teeny weeny miniature pinatas above are even sweeter. You can use the same exact DIY and just scale it down. To find out exactly how to make these, head over to The Journals of Giddy Giddy.

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A Day in Barcelona (Montjuic)

September 11th, 2014


This is the first post of our lovely new correspondent from Barcelona, Laia Arriols – an illustrator, photographer and owner of Apanona, a beautiful online shop filled with her gorgeous items and illustrations! A huge welcome and we look forward to many great posts like this one!

 Montjuïc is a mountain in Barcelona nearby the sea. It’s an historical and emblematic place of the city with lot of history. The Olympic Games that took place in Barcelona in 1992 gave a new relevance to the mountain and became a very popular place of the city. Yet, it has museums, schools, stadiums, pools, beautiful gardens, etc. So, Barcelona residents usually choose this mountain to spend their leisure and sport time.

The idea for this family journey to Barcelona, was to spend all day in Montjuïc by doing all kinds of cultural and leisure activities.
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Earth Cake and Jupiter Cake

September 10th, 2014



What amazing cakes these Earth and Jupiter struc­tural layer cakes are! They were made by Aussie zool­o­gist and baker Rhi­an­non from Cake­crumbs.

The Earth cake above was the first one she made and it’s actually a hemisphere. The red layer is orange Madeira sponge, the yellow is lemon Madeira sponge and the white cake was a vanilla buttercake.

She then went further with the Jupiter cake below which is a full sphere. She cov­ered the Jupiter cake with ivory marsh­mal­low fon­dant and then dry brushed a com­bi­na­tion of ivory, brown, and maroon edi­ble ink. The core of the planet is mud cake, sur­rounded by almond but­ter cake and tinted vanilla Madeira sponge. To see exactly how she made them, go to her website!
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Anne Kurris – Fall/Winter 2014

September 9th, 2014



Now for some Fall and Winter fashion!

Anne Kurris is one of my favorite Belgian designers and she has wonderful offerings for this season. She has merged so many ingredients in her inimitable fashion: her trademark animals with reworked graphics, a sort of space-age 60′s retro and wonderful colors and textures of all sorts. And then we have the very sweet and soft Bambi type prints.

Take a look at the whole range right here!


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