Ópera, International Children’s Fashion Tradeshow – São Paulo

December 16th, 2014



Ópera, the international children’s fashion and decor tradeshow, celebrated its 10th anniversary this fall/winter 2015 edition that took place in November. It is a wholesale event, and in the line up you will find the most significant national brands, plus some of the most notably international ones in Brazil.
Despite having some logistics and accommodation issues for being held in a brand new built space that looked somewhat unfinished, the fair is always a success in terms of ideas and design presented by excellent companies.
You will find below some brands I loved in this edition. And this will give you enough of an idea of what lies ahead for next year.

Here we go:




With its roots in minimalist aesthetic, Minimals brings in their collections inspiration from music, art, nature and architecture, portraying everyday themes in a fun, hassle-free and unique through the eyes of a child. The theme for next season? Monsters and lots of ghosts!!!




Cotton Cloud

Cotton Cloud makes clothes, newborn layettes and accessories for babies, using raw, 100% certified organic cotton, and natural brown cotton that has this hue colored by nature.
Their pillows,stuffed toys and accessories are all filled with recycled PET fibers.





Flamingo em festa

Conceived by two mothers who are fans of unconventional ways to celebrate, Flamingo em Festa turns stationary design upside down and the result is beyond cool. Flamingo even has its own spin on a Frozen line. The graphic design is heavily based on vintage illustrations. The line has invitations, tags for party favors, tins for muffins and cup cakes, stickers and decorative kits for birthday parties, baby shower or maternity room decor.




iRock Brazil

Three sisters from São Paulo, Mariana, Carolina and Roberta, have come together to make a children’s beachwear label made exclusively for children. Every detail, every finishing idea, fabric, color and pattern and everything else is thought out and geared towards children.
All the fabrics for the manufacturing of the beachwear line for children between 2 and 12 years have UV protection. iRock Brazil also has a line for grown ups, coordinated to match the children’s line so the whole family wears the same theme in a inverted minime style.
The collection is named “Good Vibes from the Beach”: all that is enjoyable in a vacation like the beach and summertime were incorporated into the designs and all over prints in shapes of palm trees, beaches, pineapples, maps and surfing.





Forrozinho de gala

Children’s clothing and accessories designed by hand for girls 0-10 years old, carioca (from Rio de Janeiro) brand Forrozinho de gala is inspired by the Brazilian folklore.
That inspiration comes from a dialogue between children’s literature, memories and old school playtime. There is always a suggestion of a game and/or a toy that matches the proposal of that piece of clothing.
Forrozinho de gala wants to be part of the kids history, to be the favorite clothing that inspires joy of living with lots of color and humor.




Bloom Kids

Bloom Kids designer, Sylvie Moyen, has a deep link with design that comes from family: her mother. As a child she spent her afternoons in her mom’s studio watching her paint, and with that she learned to mix the paint and create all the colors for her own little world.
After more than ten years of a successful career and the birth of her daughter, Ana Clara, Sylvie took after decor and brought along her graphic designer eye and technical knowledge for printing and production parts to a new adventure: Bloom Kids.
Today Bloom Kids has a beautiful line of wallpapers, stuffed toys, wall clocks, boxes for generic organization, and a whole line of back to school complete with backpacks, lunch boxes and pencil cases.

miss_cecile_3 miss_cecile_4


Miss Cecile

Miss Cecile was created in 2008 with a mission: to instigate the design culture since childhood. The brand is located in the south corner of Brazil, Curitiba.
Cultivating a playful reality through clothes and accessories for girls 4-12 years old, Miss Cecile works its collections combining comfort with technology, the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment, following the latest trends in fashion adapted for the kids universe.




Tyrol, a children’s brand that has been around since the 1970s, has increased its market performance with the launch of the :B (colon b) line, as a brand to reach the young female audience in the age group of 8-16 years.
The new brand aims to offer different options for tweens and teens, once they believe that at this age the girl does not want to dress in a childish way, with ruffles and bows, for example, but also do not feel prepared for adult brands.





Oobi is a childrenswear and accessories label based in Sydney with a passion for timeless, charming and colourful designs. Oobi believes in creating clothing that allows children to be children. The brand was voted Australia’s Favourite Childrenswear Label in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 by the influential industry website KidStyleFile.
It was also voted Australia and New Zealand’s Favourite Childrenswear label in 2010 and 2011 by the readers of Kids Fashion Review, a wonderful fashion directory and website based in New Zealand. Founder and designer Alexandra Riggs had no idea she was sowing the seeds of Oobi’s beginning as she happily played dress up in her grandmother and mother’s closets as a small child.




Mini U.S.

Brazilian brand created by Luciana Arcangeli and Tico Sahyoun, Mini U.S., was born inspired by Sahyoun’s son, Theo. The brand is targeted for boys between 2 and 12 years old.

Mini U.S. (Mini Urban Style) is geared towards more carefree children, who is not afraid to get dirty, wet, or have fun. For fall/winter 15 Mini U.S. launched its first girl’s collection for the same age range.




Bébé Sucré

Designer Tatiana Ganme had been following her husband’s experience, a entrepreneur responsible for the French brand Tartine et Chocolat in Brazil, for a decade. After the birth of their children, Tatiana decided to invest in children’s fashion, and created Bébé Sucre.
The concept of the brand is to make national children’s wear for children 0-12 years using natural raw materials and flawless finishings with a European flair.





3 e Já

Launched in 2008, 3 e Já makes collections for children 1-12 years old. The name has an interesting history: Mariana, who now coordinates all design, always wanted a son. Her dream had no name. Just to be clear, what she calls the son, in this case, is her own children’s wear label.
Carlos, Mariana’s brother, had 3 children in ladder, as we say in Portuguese, when they are born not far apart. The kid’s mother wanted to write a book: “1, 2, 3 go, do have children.”
Carlos then borrowed the 3 and the go. And there you go, 3 e Já was born. A 3 e Já is super engaged in environmental causes, so their fabric is a mix of PET bottles and pure cotton fibers, in addition to investing in wastewater treatments.



A Paçoca

A Paçoca (name of a brazilian sweet snack made of peanuts) is a brand for children 1-6 years that have everything they need: colors, relaxed style, creativity and lots of fun.
The label makes costumes, toys, masks, caps and many other cool little things for the child to play with.

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The Mitten – Pop-Up Book

December 12th, 2014



Here is a very sweet book for the holidays: The Mitten. This is a collaborative project, based on an old Ukrainian folk story:  re-told by Jessica Southwick, illustrated by Pippa Curnick and paper-engineered by Yevgeniya Yeretskaya, who wrote and illustrated one of our all-time favorite books The Snow Queen. The girls still read this book constantly and stare at the pages after having it for one whole year!

And they were very sweet to make a video (see below)  of the whole book so you get a really good idea of how all the parts move. Available right here.


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5 Fantastic Things to Do at Christmas in Covent Garden, London

December 11th, 2014

photo via

Thanks to our guest correspondent for this lovely post - Sian Gwilliam, Founder and Editor of Creative Bus Stop: A guide to London for families. Featuring a weekly events diary, educational activities, crafts, travel


Covent Garden is one of the most popular shopping, relaxing and entertainment areas of London. You will find it perfectly formed, and always welcoming. On the map it is situated between St Martins Lane to the West, (near Trafalgar Square and Charing Cross Station), and neighbours the very heart of theatre-land and the famous Drury Lane to the East.

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Alicia Tormey Paper Dresses

December 10th, 2014



Wow. What a find! These miniature and quite amazing little paper dresses by Seattle artist Alicia Tormey were created in her studio by merely playing around with materials. These are dipped in encaustic medium (bee’s wax & resin).  The dress with hanger measures 10” tall by 6” wide.
She’s been thinking about opening up a shop on Etsy and featuring a small collection of these dresses. Well, I would say that’s a great idea! What do you all think? Here is her blog to see more of  her work.

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Happeak Lithuanian Fashion

December 9th, 2014



What a lovely label from Lithuania Happeak is! I am really taken by the boys-wear. Far more daring than a lot of other labels without being non-boyish if you know what I mean. I also really love the graphics on the tees and dresses and the quirky little cuts they use. I’m a complete fan of this little graphic dress below. Looks so comfortable and warm but adorable.

And they have very comfortable and stylish super casual wear for Moms as well. Check out their lovely site right here.


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5 Totally Gorgeous Holiday Hairstyles for Little Girls

December 8th, 2014


 Well start with an easy one: Use ribbon to make this flapper headband and if you get the chance do some light waving at the ends, all the better! 
Spotted at Il Mondo di Ingrid.

The Holidays are here and I always think it would be great to actually do something special with the girls’ hair for all the festivities. And they definitely always look put together but the hair could be more amazing! Couldn’t everything? So, I’ve found some pretty gorgeous hairstyles. Some are pretty intricate and others not so. In any case, we can always look at them and dream of doing something this special these holidays for our little girls!
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Angle on Artist – Jennie Harbour, Illustrator

December 5th, 2014



This next artist in our Angle on Artists series is Jennie Harbour.

Every now and then,  I come across an illustrator who blows my socks right off, and Art Deco era illustrator, Jennie Harbour is one of these. The beauty and emotion and finesse of these illustrations moves me so much. I get lost in them.

Between 1917 and 1936 she captivated the public with her art, not only in the United Kingdom but also the United States, Argentina, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Portugal and Spain. Despite her rise to fame, today there is virtually no record of her life before and after these dates. Due to a recent revival in popularity, her work is becoming more highly sought.

These are from My Favourite Book of Fairy Tales by Edric Vredenberg. I just managed to find a copy on ebay!
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Christmas Tree Cupcakes

December 4th, 2014



Well, the Christmas Season is officially here! And as you know if you visit Bellissima often, we are cupcake aficionados over here. And I have not seen cupcakes quite like these Christmas tree cupcakes. Quite ingenious really. To get the full scoop on how to make these, make your way over to Just a Taste blog.
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Diesel Kids Fall/Winter 2014

December 3rd, 2014



Diesel Kids Fall/Winter 2014 is a mix of urban jungle and the essence of rock. Animal and jungle themes collide with noir rock attire and casual glamour as the Diesel Kid FW14 collection equips its kids for life in the Big City!

And look who is featured in this campaign which was shot in New York City…Oona’s little friend Ace, (above), looking cool as a cucumber, I might add!
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