Natalia Zaratiegui – Illustrator

January 28th, 2015



I’m pretty much smitten by this Spanish artist Natalia Zaratiegui. She publishes in magazines and publishing houses and has worked in the world of publishing and communication. Go to her site to see all the amazing things she does.




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Gelatin Spring Leaf Prints

January 27th, 2015



I am pretty excited I found this method of leaf printing! And I am all ready for spring, so that is also a big motivator.

This method of printing uses gelatin and works beautifully. We did some other leaf printing here but this gelatin process just looks so photographic. Go to the Cassie Stephens blog to get the full tutorial. What do you think of this method? Have you tried this before? Make sure you let us know how it comes out if you attempt it.




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Mini Rodini, Spring Summer 2015

January 26th, 2015



I am so excited about Mini Rodini Spring/Summer ’15 collection ‘See You Later Alligator’ for two reasons:

1. It is all about sea life and we are crazy about anything aquatic. In fact, the girls did a whole summer camp last summer called “Under the Sea”. And we did a whole interaction with dolphins in the Bahamas. And because the illustrations are so amazing, daring and a real statement, yet comfortable and wearable.

2. This collection is made from the finest weave, recycled from PET bottles and other plastic waste. Which is fitting because it’s the very same waste that pollutes our seas and which marine mammals often eat and die.

The first arrivals of the collection will be in store end of January in retail stores world-wide and in the online shop.






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WOOD Szczescia – Original Design For A Kid’s Room

January 22nd, 2015


Love, love, this original light blue armoire with looks and practicality and sweet contrasting natural wood.


Wood Szczęścia is a wonderful Polish woodworking company that is a veritable laboratory of ideas and dreams! Paweł Kozak, the founder, designs simple and contemporary items that meet the needs of the modern family with a strong base of traditional furniture making.

Using the principals of “Slow Design”, every item from Wood szczęścia is unique and crafted with care to stand the test of time.

Here are some of my fave pieces:



Beautiful and simple dollhouse that has a wonderfully small footprint for apartment living.



A great, contemporary workspace with a Wood szczęścia desk.


The dolls and soft toys need a place to sleep! And they are pampered with this sweet doll cradle.



Wonderful books shelf with little drawers for those knick knacks and small toys. Perfect for the little girl’s nursery.


For more info and see all the lovely designs, visit the WOOD Szczęścia site.


Compact, cute and simple desk and stool…and quirky house-shaped shelf.

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January 21st, 2015



I’m pretty much smitten by this lovely and interesting book, “N’y a-t-il Personne Pour se Mettre en Colère?” (Isn’t there anyone who can get angry?”) Written by Toon Tellegen, with wonderful illustrations by Marc Boutavant, it tells the story of how the ability to get angry disappears completely from the lives of these quirky animals…who are very concerned about it.
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Giant Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

January 20th, 2015


These are so easy and such a great little gift for Valentine’s Day. Yes, it is fast approaching. For the step-by-step on this, head over to Modern Parents Messy Kids!
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Autumn Cashmere – Spring/Summer 2015

January 19th, 2015



Autumn Cashmere Kids, Spring Summer- 2015 is a really wearable, bright and timeless collection.  A mix of cashmere of course and cottons, chambrays and even leather comprise this range. Very closely tied in with the women’s range but not any exact copies here! I love the ease and crispness of this range and simple styling with effective detailing to make the styles pop without being too heavy.

To see the whole range and also their lovely women’s range and cool men’s range, go to the Autumn Cashmere website.
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Welcome to Playologie – our New Sponsor

January 16th, 2015




Bellissima Kids is so excited to be working with Playologie, brought to us by our good friends of Playtime Universes – who are of course huge players in this wonderful world of children.

It’s here! The first online B2B trade fair the children’s/maternity universes! What exactly does it do? Who is this for?

Watch the video below to find out more about this vital and revolutionary new way of doing business in the children’s/maternity universe.

But in a nutshell:

If you are a Brand: Playologie is both a B2B showroom, an order management system, a prospecting tool and an international window open all year long, 24/7.

If you are a Buyer: Free for all buyers, Playologie optimizes the buying processhunts down the latest trends, uncovers the products that make the difference, dialogues with brands and group purchases.
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Memory Balloon Lights

January 15th, 2015



This one is pretty much a no brainier for me. I am a balloon fanatic. And I am a lover of interesting and modern lighting solutions. In fact, at one point in my life, I used to make handmade quirky lights out of all sorts of unexpected objects. So, I would not mind at all having a whole slew of these fun and amazing Memory Balloon Lights filling my ceilings.

Made from triplex glass, these lights are individually hand blown in the Czech Republic by Brokis and brought to you by John Moncrieff Lighting. The memory balloon is a light inspired by memories of childhood, and is perfect for a child’s room, nursery or anyone with a sense of fun.
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