Hebe Spring/Summer 2014

April 15th, 2014




Hebe clothes from Latvia produces casual wear that can be used by kids from 0 till 12 years. And Hebe Spring/Summer 2014 is a rhapsody of original illustration prints designed by their collaborator, Latvian artist Liga Kitchen.  The simplicity of this range has something so charming and simple about it that evokes such a sweet innocence.

Made of high quality, soft and easily washable fabrics, which are produced in Europe, Hebe clothes are very comfortable and beautifully crafted. All Hebe garments are characterised with simplicity and love for details with focus on quality and unique design.

The philosophy of the brand is also about cooperation, that’s why Hebe team regularly invites Latvian designers and artists to bring a spirit to every garment by special patterns and prints. What can I say? I’m a new fan!








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Little Lisa Smile – Handmade Dolls

April 14th, 2014



What am I loving right now? Little Lisa Smile!  I was just thinking today of making one of my handmade rag dolls for Solène and came across these exquisite dolls.

Cécile Robles, based in the South of France, designs the cutest dolls in delicate and vintage fabrics. The new Spring Summer 2014 collection ‘Sunshine‘ has a definite Japanese fusion influence, with a mix of  tropical and  jungle prints and all with that super expression of satisfied jubilation on their pure white faces. Who wouldn’t want a confident and pretty doll like this to play with?!

Little Lisa Smile was founded in 2011 when Cécile designed her first doll for her daughter. Her daughter loved it so much,  she decided to launch her first collection for kids (100%  handmade in France). Inspired by fashion trends, Cécile plays with vintage fabrics to design the most adorable looks for each doll. We’re in!
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Insanely Easy Spring Crafts For Kids

April 11th, 2014


VJuliet / Via vjuliet.com
 What a great confetti bowl! This one could be used for a lovely dry flower arrangement.
A Beautiful Mess / Via abeautifulmess.com

I never thought these bear used honey bottles could ever look so good. Imagine a whole shelf of these.
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Aire Ancient Baths – New York City

April 10th, 2014




What an experience Aire Ancient Baths are. An absolute gem for New York moms who need a spa day! I went along with a friend a couple of weeks ago and have been dying to share this place with you.

Upon arrival, we sat on leather couches and warm retro chairs and sipped mint tea from silver teapots. Then we were ushered into their beautifully appointed change rooms and then made our way to the baths. This is when the real experience started. We entered a whole new world reminiscent of ancient Rome –  with the experience as in Roman times when the people went from warm to hot to cold to steam and then had a massage. My favorite bath was the salt bath, where you can actually float without a care. We had a massage afterwards which topped off the experience. I have to say that this place is absolutely a unique experience and quite amazing. They have succeeded in achieving a true bath house feeling that does seems ancient and for me, the whole aspect of feeling like I had stepped back in time was fascinating. The space is beautiful and relaxing  and they have managed to make every single detail a perfection even down to lighting. The staff are also extremely friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back here.

I have included tons of photos as I really want to give you an idea of the gorgeous architecture and design of this place.
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Rolled Paper Art Large Letters

April 8th, 2014



Letters are playing a big role right now at our place as Oona is learning to read. And we have purchased all kinds of letters for the girls’ walls. But these wood and rolled paper jumbo letters that I found on Etsy are really the  most original. You can order yours right here at Mad Badger.
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Casa Bubble – Transparent Bubble Tents

April 7th, 2014




Wow! Spring is here and what a fantastic tent to go camping in. The Company, CasaBubble, was born from the meeting of two french designers :Frédéric Richard and Pierre-Stéphane Dumas. Both very concerned by the future of our planet, aesthetic and design and preserving energy.  The bubbles are designed by Pierre-Stéphane, who knew how to combine his sense of aesthetic and technology to give rise to these atypical spheres, the bubble houses. A maximum of pleasure, for a minimum of material and energy needed.
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MYK – Pompom Chairs and Soft Furnishings

April 4th, 2014




That’s it! I just love these pompom creations by German brand MYK.  These huge gorgeous pure wool pompoms are just delicious. The poodle below is priceless!

MYK’s designer Myra Klose is inspired by fashion, art, and interior design to make these soft sculptures and cosy furniture. All objects are meticulously handcrafted in Germany, and each one is unique.

Take a look at all the marvelous objects on the MYK website.
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Pierrot La Lune – Spring/Summer 2014

April 4th, 2014




What a dreamy and beautiful label, Pierrot la Lune is. It takes me back to lazy European summers in the countryside. This Danish label was established only last year by designer Emilie Ventujol as the realization of a lifelong dream of creating timeless and sophisticated yet playful and informal children swear.

The Pierrot la Lune look has a touch of nostalgia; a dreamy and magical aesthetic with a nod to old movies from a retro childhood in southern Europe. The cuts are simple and wearable, the colours are subdued, and the classic stripes and beautiful floral prints bare resemblance of faded wallpapers or quilts from grandma’s attic.
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Snurk Bedding for Kids

April 2nd, 2014



I was searching for some princess bedding and look what I found! The most original and fun princess bedding ever! Dutch brand, Snurk has really come up with some fun and completely original kids bedding here.  I’m also liking the pool one a lot as it’s so amazing to imagine you are actually in water. And they clearly have a sense of humor with their “Homeless Person” set at the bottom. Check out the whole range and some original and equally quirky cushions on the Snurk website.

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