Creamy Cappuccino Squares

October 2nd, 2015



Well, the drab weather has hit NYC hard this week. And with it, has come this great desire to eat tons of sweets and sit on a cozy couch with a tea in my hand. So, of course, when I came across these Creamy Cappuccino Squares, I just wanted them right away.

If you are like me and can’t get enough lovely desserts, then this might do the trick for you. And guess what? They are super easy to make and are a no-bake recipe. Get the full recipe right here!

Beau LOves, Autumn/Winter 2015

October 1st, 2015



Beau Loves Autumn/Winter 2015 is a quirky, fun and creative affair.  And spot on for Halloween with a dark and spooky mood with photography by Flannery O’Kafka. As is the style of Beau LOves, this season is lots of blacks, white, with minimal color and a little bit of gold for pizzaz and nods to Batman and Mickey Mouse!

How did the label get this name? Inspired by her fearless, fun-loving little boy, Beau, and the stuff he loves, his personality is stamped over every inch of each collection.

The Beau LOves agenda is to create a quirky collection of gender-neutral clothes (where possible) that are adventurous, fun, stylish yet creative and very importantly all made with LOVE in LONDON. Yep. All of their  products are designed, printed and made in London, England.

And they have wonderful bedding to go with this collection. See below. Available at the Beau LOves site.










The World’s First Pop-Up Sandcastle Hotels

September 28th, 2015



The World’s First Pop-Up Sandcastle Hotel has happened in the Netherlands and I can’t think of a cooler place to take the kids. Well, not as cool as the temporary ice hotels that sprout up around the world each year. However, visitors to those hotels are subjected to sleeping on ice beds in sub-zero temperatures and have no access to electricity or Wi-Fi. The guests at the two sand hotels do not have to suffer through such hardships.

That’s because even though the structures are made from sand, the one-room suites that cost $172 USD a night, are equipped with all the luxuries of a regular hotel. So no worries about sleeping on beds made from sand or washing up in a crumbling sink.  The rooms are decorated with stunning sand sculptures and contain standard beds, and amenities. The price even includes a European breakfast and a complimentary tour of the nearby sand sculpture festival.




The hotels were built to coincide with the popular Brabant and Friesland sand sculpting festivals that the cities host annually from May to September. In keeping with this year’s theme “a journey through time,” the sand hotel in Oss depicts Bedrock, the hometown of everyone’s favorite Stone Age family, the Flintstones.

However, some lucky visitors to the Netherlands can experience both thanks to two new pop-up sand hotels in the cities of Oss and Sneek.




Those visiting the hotel in Sneek will be able to enjoy “a trip around the world (to Asia),” thanks to the 30 massive sand sculptures that include the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall of China, and numerous dragons.

Building the life-sized sand castle hotels that can accommodate humans was no piece of cake.  The construction company, Global PowWow, says it took five weeks and over 2,000,000 pounds (800,00 kg) of sand to build each temporary room. To ensure the buildings were safe and sturdy, the construction team first created wood frames and then covered, both inside and out with reinforced sand. As to what they used to bind the dirt so it would not crumble into a giant heap? Global PowWow owner Alec Messchaert, say that will remain a big secret!



These one-of-a-kind hotels are a huge hit with both locals and visitors and have been fully booked since they opened in early May. Unfortunately, the temporary structures will soon have to come crumbling down. The one at Sneek will shut its doors on September 29th while the Oss sand hotel is scheduled to close October 4th. But never fear. The developer already has plans to rebuild the giant sandcastles in the Netherlands next year, and also take the concept to similar festivals in the U.K. and Germany!


The 50 States

September 25th, 2015



The 50 States by Gabrielle Balkan and with fun and colorful illustrations by Sol Linero is a slam dunk! We were so excited to receive this high quality book from Wide Eyed Editions.

Finally a wonderful book that makes the 50 States an engaging, fun and interesting journey. It’s so hard to pack state history, facts and trivia into a book for kids that they will want to pore over, but this one succeeds in a big way.

The illustration is reminiscent of children’s books from the 1950’s, which gives the whole book a feeling of nostalgia.

From the very first glance at the Contents, where they creatively illustrate the map of the US, the kids are hooked. Each state page has a welcome section, a “Moments to Remember” as the history part, and “Key Facts”. Then they pack the rest of the pages with trivia and info on architecture, art, and famous or important people who came from that state.

And at the back, they list all the presidents, with quirky drawings of them so they don’t look so dry and stuffy! And there’s even a page with all the flags.

A definite “must have” book for your kid’s library. You can pick this up right here!










Famous Paintings on Cakes

September 24th, 2015



Cyprus artist Maria A. Aristidou, who is known for her art which is painted with coffee (Greek espresso to be exact), has created a series of famous paintings on cakes.

Entitled ‘Art on Cakes’, her series depicts famous paintings on delicious canvases. The cakes were made for local patisserie ‘Vienna Boutique’ in Larnaka, Cyprus and feature works like The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, The Scream by Edvard Munch, and The Starry Night by Van Gogh.

According to Aristidou, each cake took about 6-10 hours to finish and were all crafted with ‘Vienna Boutique’s famously know chocolate recipe covered in sugar paste then decorated with edible paints’.

Find out more about Aristidou and her work here.





Mixed Kids, Spring/Summer 2016 collection

September 22nd, 2015



Mixed Kids, the Brazilian Kid’s Fashion company was born because Ciccy Halpern asked her mom, Riccy Souza Aranha, owner of well-established Brazilian brand Mixed, to have a kid’s line. The women in this family are very talented and Ciccy’s sister, Carol Porto, designs the line. They follow a big trend locally that is the mother / daughter concept collection.
For Mixed Kids, Spring/Summer 16 collection Mixed Kids was inspired by the Mexican culture. This time around, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico and Mixed Kids’ patron saint is the main reference and brings protection and blessings to all children.
Many flowers will complement this collection full of textures, ruffles, colors and prints, whether on hair accessories, embroidered on clothes or with an exclusive pattern named Frida, after the painter Frida Kahlo.
The line has some accessories like ballet flats in bee and ladybug shape. Ladybug is a symbol of luck, and also gets an exclusive pattern in some styles.
The collection is designed for kids from 0 to 12 years old.






Red Pepper Handmade Hats (Special Discount)

September 21st, 2015



Red Pepper Hats is a wonderful brand that makes exquisite handmade hats and accessories for children and women. These hats are amazing and I love that they are all so beautifully made and are a mix of modern and very classical.

The creator of these wonderful hats is Nadine Winckers who lives with her husband and three kids on a beautiful lake in Northern Italy. Believe it or not, Nadine used to be an Airline Pilot and decided to give it up and follow her passion of creating beautiful things in the way of hats and accessories. Having lived 10 years in the UK,  she developed an interest in wool hats and attended a millinery school in London while she was there and never looked back!

It’s wonderful that she makes hats for boys as well as girls and unique feather Indian Headdresses. See below.
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Rollo Cheesecake Bars

September 18th, 2015



I’m in a kind of gooey dessert mood, so here are some Rollo Cheesecake Bars for you! I dare you to get through more than a half of one of these! They are pretty easy but not something you whip up and get stuck into right away. This one is an overnight job! Please comment if you make these and let us know how they come out!
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Mina Perhonen Kids Collection

September 17th, 2015



Here we are. The Mina Perhonen Kids Collection. Brainchild of Japanese designer Akira Minagawa, Mina Perhonen has been a sought after, avant garde womenswear and design company since 1995 when the company was just called Mina. So glad he has added kidswear to his repertoire.

His highly detailed and timeless designs combine Scandinavian and Japanese influences to unique effect. The stunningly whimsical designs created under the Mina Perhonen banner are not only used to form the basis for his fashion line, but more recently, have been used as interior and upholstery.
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