5 Interactive Wallpapers for kids

July 23rd, 2014



I have always thought that walls are way too underused when it comes to being useful – as more than just something to hold the ceiling up! These five interactive wallpapers let kids interact all over the place. Why limit it to drawing paper?

1. Sian Zeng Interactive Magnetic Wallpaper for kids from Just Kids Wallpaper, $540 AUD. Comes with ten magnets!

2. This is brilliant. Let them color their world and place photos within the wallpapered frames! Frames Wallpaper by Taylor & Wood, available from Graham & Brown, $27 per roll

3. Burgerdoodles Colour-In Wallpaper from Burgerplex, by Jon Burgerman, £35 per roll.

4. Okay so this is not wallpaper, but interactive and for walls! These stickers are made-to-order specifically for your child and his or her travels! What a World Peel & Place Wall Stickers from by Oopsy Daisy, $139.

5. Drawing on the walls? Yes! Use these eyes to create little characters. “I See You” Interactive wallpaper, from Cavern Home, $155 per roll.








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Mr Bliss – Tolkien’s Little Known Children’s Book

July 22nd, 2014



This might come as a surprise to you but Tolkien wrote this book for his own kids and I just found out about this recently. I feel like we were really missing out on something huge!

J.R.R. Tolkien firmly believed that there is “no such thing as writing for children and yet he, like many other famous authors of adult literature, wrote this not-very-well- known children’s book. Other writers to cater to little ones include Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, James Joyce, Aldous Huxley, Virgina Woolf, and Gertrude Stein.

Tolkien wrote Mr. Bliss for his own two children, much like the fairy tales E.E. Cummings wrote for his only daughter, Sylvia Plath’s verses for her kids (which we posted on a while ago), and the The Wishing Tree that Faulkner wrote for the daughter of his future wife. Mr. Bliss, was inspired by his first car, which he purchased in 1932. It was published posthumously exactly fifty years later. Tolkien later used two of the character names from the book, Gaffer Gamgee and Boffin, in The Lord of the Rings.




The book is handwritten and illustrated by Tolkien himself, who, (another surprise), was a dedicated artist. It tells the story of Mr. Bliss, a lovable eccentric known for his tall hats and his “girabbits,” the giraffe-headed, rabbit-bodied creatures that live in his backyard. One day, Mr. Bliss decides to buy his very first motor car, but his first drive to a friend’s house turns into a string of disasters as he collides with everything in sight… then gets kidnapped by three bears.

We just adore this charming and endearing book. It’s available here!








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Bubble London, Spring/Summer 2015

July 21st, 2014



Last Sunday, I made my way to Bubble London to have a sneak peek at the Spring/Summer 15 collections from the best childrenswear brands around.

Having worked on the event for over 6 years, it was lovely to catch-up with some old friends, but most importantly to see that Bubble is still a great platform for new and emerging talent.

And I have gathered together some of my highlights…
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3 Perfect Summer Desserts

July 18th, 2014


Oven-Roasted Summer Fruits with Ricotta-Vanilla Cream

When it comes to summer, I am always looking for easy and delectable desserts which don’t have too much baking going on. So, I found 3 perfect summer desserts for you that are pretty quick and easy. I’m trying the Oven-Roasted number above very, very soon!  If you would like to share your favorite summer dessert with us, that would be wonderful. We are compiling a post of readers’ favorite summer recipes. Just email us or comment below if you have a fab recipe that you would like us to feature!

Have a beautiful weekend!



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Eco Friendly Deco and Toys by Our Children’s Gorilla

July 16th, 2014



This Skull Cave by Our Children’s Gorilla is one of the funniest and imaginative play houses I’ve ever seen. And what’s incredible that it’s also super practical, because when the playtime is over, simply roll it up and store it in a drawer.

The tag line for this Swedish toy and design company says it all: “The children’s imagination is our inspiration.”  And every single product is wonderful.
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Apanona – Kids Decor and Illustration

July 14th, 2014




My discovery for this week is Apanona the brainchild of  illustrator and a photographer, Laia Arriols based in Reus, a town near Barcelona in Spain. Mother of two girls, Laia is inspired by her childrens’ world, and tries to reflect it in her works. And I’d say she does a pretty good job, wouldn’t you? There is a certain quirkiness and understatement in these illustrations, yet some sort of super cool wink going on. Her posters, notebooks, and decals are available on her webshop and on L’affiche Moderne.
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DIY Friday: Pineapple Print Pillow

July 11th, 2014


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3 Gorgeous Carousel Toys

July 10th, 2014


Take a look at this wonderful laser-cut carousel lamp by Polish company, . Just the best lamp for a kid’s room. This assem­ble-it-yourself rotat­ing table lamp can also be painted to suit the room it’s in.
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Playologie – First Online B2B Trade Fair

July 8th, 2014


Here is a post for people in the rag trade and specifically in the Children’s fashion, maternity, decor sector. In this exclusive post, I am interviewing Sébastien de Hutten, (who is the CEO of Playtime, Children’s Trade shows) who together with his sister, Marie Czapska, (below) are the creators of  this new platform Playologie, which is the first online B2B trade fair the children’s/maternity universes. And what a great innovation. Scroll down to read the interview!
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