Lichtfladderaars – Painted Rocks of Light and Love

February 27th, 2015



I am pretty taken with these painted rocks known as Lichtfladderaars –  which are Light & Love carriers in Dutch.

They are also known as photographs of the soul, as they tune in to the inner light of someone. Lichtfladderaars make a connection and let the people know that they are not alone. The starting point is always that extra Light & Love will fly into or make a connection there may be between people of all ages through time lines. Golden wings carry wherever love is needed and if there’s enough, they may fly to another person that Light & Love needs. They make a circle of light and love to the earth.

The stones used by the studio, are carefully hand picked by the sea in France. Each Lichtfladderaar is unique and hand made exclusively to order right here.







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DIY Truffula Trees

February 26th, 2015



Okay, I found a winner here! What kid does not love the Lorax? And don’t you just want to make those beautiful Truffula Trees come back to life? Where’s how you can do that…make these really sweet DIY Truffula Trees. Go right here to get all the details and to make it happen. This is a super-easy craft which I think has a pretty fun effect.


And while you’re at it, take a look at the original version of the Lorax, lest we forget that this original one was from 1972. Enjoy.



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Top Kids Fashion Brands from Barcelona

February 25th, 2015



What do I bring you this time from Barcelona? Four fantastic kids fashion brands! I’m pretty sure you already know some of them, but some others not. Hope you’ll enjoy my selection!

Let’s start with the littlest ones: clothing and accessories for new borns and babies by Cranc& Friends, founded by Carolina in 2012. Inspired by nature, sea, technology and using 100% organic cotton and toxic free printings, Cranc & Friends creates lovely beannies, booties, pacifier holders and soft toys for newborns. Sweet and colorful illustrations and minimal design for a warm welcome to newborns.




Tinycottons is the next brand we step in. This kids fashion brand founded in Barcelona in 2012 designs comfortable and quirky clothes and accessories for babies and kids to 8 years. Tinnycottons uses Pima cotton in all their garments, a high quality fabric with silky soft touch and great resistance.

Their new SS2015 collection “Camp-pin-pump” is full of summer references (camping items, fruits, nautical ropes, etc.) and soft colors splashed with the vibrant colors of their amazing graphics and patterns.





Last year Tinycottons opened their first store in Barcelona. A beautiful store where you can find their clothing but also amazing books, toys and fashion accessiories for kids. Certainly a “must” place to go if you visit the city!






It’s time now for one of my favourite kids fashion brand. What can I say about Bobo Choses we do not already know?  Since its foundation in Mataró, Barcelona in 2008, their clothes and accessories for babies, toddlers and kids inspire thousands of children and parents all over the world. Their awesome collections make a significant change in kid’s fashion concept: characters, stories, colors, graphics, shapes and fabrics are walking in the thin line of imagination, comfort and a strong sensitivity for the kid’s world.

Now Bobo Choses is presenting their new SS15 “Guess who’s coming for breakfast…” A funny, colorful and straightforward collection that recalls the world of monster tales. Prints introduce strong and distinct characters that go together with vivid colours.










Nice things Mini is the girls clothing line of Nice Things by Paloma S. Clothing for women of all ages that share a special sensitivity, appreciate details and let themselves be seduced by the patterns and colors that make Nice Things so different. You can feel the same spirit in the girl’s collections.

For this spring summer, their stylish and soft collection of clothing for girls has three lines:

- Pure and natural: Ispired by Indigo blue, the colour of linen flowers, cotton flowers, pure materials, from their origins until the finished product.

- Frida’s colors: Frida Khalo’s paintings are this collections’ inspiration: vivid colours, strong contrasts, flowers and more flowers, bring to life a magical world where colour is the hero.

- Vintage tennis: The tennis universe inspires this collection: Tennis players, sports and tennis courts.





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Beautiful Covers by Fabulous Goose

February 23rd, 2015



Fabulous Goose is a Scandinavian company that makes wonderful, wonderful blankets! And the baby blankets are beautiful, and bright like this gorgeous red, graphic animal one above.  They also make amazing cushions and other decor items. Of course, everything is totally non-toxic and eco-friendly.

My fave cushion is the fly motif one below!

Take a look at all the high quality items they have to offer on the Fabulous Goose site. Even the name is fab!





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Ikea Products Turned Into Fabulous Dollhouses

February 19th, 2015


By: IKEA Family  Using: STUVA cabinet


I just did a bout of shopping at Ikea for the kid’s things and realized that they no longer sell their dollhouse! Okay so it took me a while to notice this and I was pretty disappointed as we were ready for a new type of dollhouse to add to the collection. And then I found these fabulous dollhouses that ingenious people have devised out of Ikea furniture. And I would say that some of these are far better and more creative than the ready-made one. My hat goes off to the people who made these. Just really wonderful pieces.




By: The Tamara Blog   Using: BILLY bookcase


By: The Shopping Mama   Using: EXPEDIT bookcase



By: Mommo Design Using: LACK shelves + FORHOJA wall cabinets




By: Call of the Small  Using: LEKMAN box


By: Mommo Design  UsingSOCKER greenhouse

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Angle on Artist – Jennifer Collier

February 18th, 2015



Here’s our next installment of Angle on Artists. And today we focus on British artist, Jennifer Collier.

It’s no secret that I’m completely crazy about paper and cardboard art. And also about up cycling. And there is something irresistible about these objects which are replicas, yet in a completely non-functioning way.

And Jennifer Collier has led the way in the upcycling revolution in art and craft; a veteran maker of vintage material, investigating the re-used and recycled since 1999. “Giving new life to things that would otherwise go unloved or be thrown away,” is central to her practice.

Welcome to her fantastical world, where every exquisite detail is made, folded and manipulated from paper. Once books, maps, envelopes, wallpaper or scrap, the paper is transformed into textural forms. Like cloth it is stitched to construct two or three dimensional objects, decorative and functional: lampshades, cameras, tools and furniture. The origin of the paper often provides a starting point for the artwork: the narrative of the books and papers suggesting idea and form.

Jennifer’s work uses the idea of the domestic space, to set a stage for the work: upholstered chairs, kitchen utensils, and garden tools hanging in their shed invite you in. References to fairy tales, films, literature, music and nursery rhymes– the layers of paper and meaning together build the narrative.










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Anne Kurris, Spring/Summer 2015

February 17th, 2015




What an exciting explosion of bright flowers, animals, colors and textures Anne Kurris has in store for for the Anne Kurris, SS 2015 collection! I always look forward to seeing what she comes up with each season as she is really one of my all time faves. I am particularly excited to see what she has done this season with the boyswear…colorful, yet masculine graphic treatments. Love!
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I Love You

February 13th, 2015


Valentine’s Heart Attack


It’s Valentines Day! So, here are a mix of things to help say: I love you! from crafts to sweets to decorations to accessories. I wish you all a very beautiful, love filled St. Valentines’s Day. And have a great weekend.



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Amazing Cardboard Toys from Milimbo

February 12th, 2015



Okay, I’m pretty much crazy about these creative cardboard toys by Milimbo. This amazing company which is based in Spain makes not only incredible hand-made cardboard toys, games and posters for kids based on fairy tales and children’s, but also creates beautiful installations. These are so much more than just objects. Such simplicity with imagination.
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